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How To Maintain The Capsule Filling Machine

Apr 04, 2020

How to maintain the capsule filling machine


It is very important to use the powder automatic capsule filling machine correctly, and the daily maintenance of the capsule filling machine is also important, so how to carry out the daily maintenance of the capsule filling machine?

1. The powder full-automatic hard capsule filling machine is a vibrating machine. It is necessary to check the fastening of screws at various parts frequently. If there is any looseness, the screws shall be tightened in time to prevent failure and damage.

2. Plexiglass parts (worktable board, medicine board) shall be protected from direct sunlight and near high temperature, and heavy objects shall not be used. The medicine board must be placed vertically or horizontally to avoid deformation and damage.

3. The electrical shell and body of the hard capsule filling machine must be grounded to ensure safety and cut off the power supply after work..

4. At the end of each day's work, the residual drugs on the machine and in the mold hole shall be cleaned to keep the whole machine clean and sanitary and avoid washing the machine with water. If the mould on the machine needs to be cleaned, the fixing screw can be loosened, and then it can be taken down, which is convenient for installation.

Common faults and maintenance of pellet filling machine

1. The vibration is not ideal. Adjust the voltage.

2. The spring screw is loose, tighten the screw.

3. The capsule shell is arranged in the working platform plate, and the mouth is higher or lower. Adjust the height of the dislocation plate and the guide rail.

4. There are too many capstan (more than 3%) and the vibrator is not adjusted properly. Because the proper voltage is adjusted or the size of the capstan is not up to the specification, the qualified capstan is selected.

5. The capsule shell is stuck on the platen and cannot fall. Replace the capsule shell or adjust the position of the dislocation plate and the hole of the platen.

6. The mould cannot be reset in the track, the compression spring at the back end of the track is stuck or the capsule variant is stuck. Reinstall the spring or ejector rod, and push the stick to push the stuck capsule down.

7. The wear of the guide plate in the mold affects the low rate of capsule fit. Replace the new mold or loosen the positioning on both sides, fasten the positioning nails, change the capsule shape or wet, and replace the capsule shell.