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How To Maintain The Capsule Filling Machine

May 09, 2020

How to maintain the capsule filling machine


When the full-automatic capsule filling machine has a long normal working time, it is necessary to regularly clean up those in direct contact with drugs, and when the batch of drugs is changed or the stopping time is long.

Add lubricating oil

In order to reduce the wear of moving parts, the transmission mechanism under the working table of the capsule filling machine should be regularly and appropriately added with lubricating oil (grease).

Check oil quantity

The main drive reducer of small capsule filling machine shall be checked for oil quantity once a month. If it is insufficient, it shall be refueled in time, and the lubricating oil shall be changed once every half a year. The dividing box of rotary table station shall be changed once every 3000h, and 90 × oil is generally used according to experience.

Safety clutch

The safety clutch plays a protective role when the full-automatic hard capsule filling machine is overloaded. When the load is normal, the clutch shall not slip, but it may also slip due to long-term use. When the slip occurs during normal use, the round nut of the clutch can be tightened to ensure the normal operation of the machine and play a protective role.

Vacuum separator

The vacuum separator of the vacuum system mainly plays the role of sucking the capsule into the upper and lower modules and separating the cap and the body in the filling process of the powder automatic capsule filling machine. If the cap and the body cannot be separated, the subsequent filling will not be carried out.

Drive chain

The driving chain of small capsule filling machine should be checked once a week, and a proper amount of lubricating grease should be added. It is necessary to tighten it again. When the chain is too loose and needs to be tightened again, the tensioning wheel shall be moved for adjustment, but the chain shall not be opened or taken off from the sprocket, so as to avoid disturbing the movement sequence of the whole mechanism and preventing the mechanism movement interference.