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How To Maintain The Tablet Press Machine

Jan 29, 2021

Tablet pressing machine, also known as tablet punching machine, is a combination of electric and manual machines. The machine has strong working efficiency and is suitable for pressing powder and granular materials into western medicine tablets, Chinese medicine tablets, disinfection tablets, chewable tablets, sugar tablets, irregular tablets, milk tablets and other tablets of different shapes. It is suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical, college, pharmacy, hospital, health care products and other industries production and experimental use.


Maintenance skills of tablet press machine.

1. Check the machine on time, 1-2 times a month. Check whether the flow parts such as turbine, worm, bearing, pressure wheel, crankshaft, upper and lower rails are flexible in rolling and wear of machine parts. Repair / replace them in time when defects are found.


2. After one-time use or shutdown, the remaining powder should be taken out to clean the residual powder of all parts of the machine. If it is out of service for a long time, all dies must be removed and cleaned. The smooth surface of the machine parts should be coated with antirust oil and covered with machine cloth.


3. The maintenance of the die should be placed in a special box, so that the die is completely immersed in oil and kept clean to prevent rust and bruise.


4. The place of use should be cleaned regularly, especially for pharmaceutical and edible tablet manufacturing, and there should be no sand particles or flying dust.


5. Electrical components should be maintained and checked regularly to keep them in good running condition. The cooling fan should use high pressure air to remove dust on schedule.


6. Electrical components should pay attention to the premise of working environment (temperature, humidity), in a good environment, the service life of components can be extended.


7. The maintenance of electrical components should be carried out by professional and technical personnel, especially the frequency converter. Therefore, the purchase of tablet press should choose a professional manufacturer, so as to obtain better after-sales maintenance.


8. Before the insulation test of the electrical components of the tablet press, the main circuit control lines of the frequency converter must be removed, so as to avoid damaging the frequency converter by the insulation test. Insulation test should be strictly in accordance with the inverter manual.


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