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How To Make Reasonable Purchase With Advantages Of Rotary Tablet Press Machine

Dec 18, 2019

How to make reasonable purchase with advantages of rotary tablet press machine

In the past, before taking traditional Chinese medicine, patients often need to spend a lot of time to process, decoct, and then take the bitter Chinese medicine. With the development of science and technology, the appearance of tablet press has changed the processing and taking form of traditional Chinese medicine.

Among them, rotary tablet press is a new type of tablet press equipment for traditional Chinese medicine, which is suitable for pharmaceutical, food, chemical, light industry and other industries. It can be seen in many places. Just grind the traditional Chinese medicine into powder and put it into the machine, you can make one pill like western medicine, which is very simple to operate.

Advantages of rotary tablet press

It is understood that the tablet press for traditional Chinese medicine is a basic equipment suitable for mass production, which is used to press all kinds of granular raw materials into round and irregular tablets. Because the rotary tablet press is based on the basic principle of single punching machine, and in view of the defect that the air can not be discharged instantaneously, the instantaneous pressure is changed into continuous and gradually increasing and decreasing pressure, so as to ensure the quality of tablets.

At the same time, the pharmaceutical powder tablet press is equipped with multiple groups of dies on the rotary table, which rotate around the axis continuously. The particles flow into the die ring under the tablet through the feeder and placed in the rotating platform. Therefore, it has great advantages in expanding production.

In addition, the method uses the way of filling track, so the difference of sheet weight is small. When the up punch and down punch are turned between two pressing wheels, the particles can be pressed into pieces easily.

Chinese herbal medicine tablet press is widely used at home and abroad because of its characteristics of small vibration, low noise, low energy consumption, high efficiency and accurate tablet weight. But the quality of tablet press equipment is directly related to the effect of use. So, in the purchase of rotary tablet press, what should be considered?

How to choose tablet press?

Performance is the main factor to judge the quality of a rotary tablet press. Because the rotary tablet press itself is a high-precision, high-standard testing equipment, which is different from other ordinary equipment, so the requirements are very high. High test accuracy, stable operation, powerful and subsequent equipment upgrading services are all factors that users should consider when selecting.

We should polish our eyes on the price. It can be said that modern enterprises have to reduce the cost in the market competition, so the price is a big factor for purchasers to consider, but in fact, the rotary tablet press can not only see its price, but also pay attention to its subsequent use cost, quality stability and other factors.

In the fierce market competition, as a tablet press manufacturer, the price is also adjusted as low as possible, but the difference in the number reflects the difference in quality. The different choice of accessories, of course, will cause the price inconsistency. Of course, the different options determine the continuity and stability of the instrument operation, and these determine the overall cost.

In addition, at present, the rotary tablet press manufacturers are deeply aware that the market requires more and more quality control projects, at this time, if the tablet press can achieve a multi-purpose function, it will win the market favor. In this case, as the purchaser, we need to be cautious, because some of the multi-function instruments in the market are reasonable and some are unreasonable. Therefore, when purchasing, we should pay attention to the parameters of the equipment, the manufacturer's information and reputation.

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