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How To Reasonably Install The Die And Feeder Of The Rotary Tablet Press

Apr 03, 2019

How to reasonably install the die and feeder of the rotary tablet press

Tablet press can be used in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries, can have a tablet of powder pressed into a variety of sheets, such as circular, annular, or other shaped tablets.

The industry said that the rotary tablet machine is easy to operate, the user can carry out mass production after debugging. Among them, the output of large automatic rotary tablet press can reach 130,000 pieces/hour, and the medium rotary tablet press has zp-27, zp-21/25 three specifications, the output of 60,000-90000 pieces/hour. Small rotary tablet press with zp-17/19, zp-5/7/9 specifications, the output of 16200-45,000 pieces/hour

Compared with the large rotary tablet press, the small rotary tablet press has the advantages of simple appearance, light weight, small size does not occupy the space and so on, the tablet thickness, pressure size, tablet speed can also be adjusted according to customer requirements, currently in the pharmaceutical, food and other fields are widely used.

In the process of using rotary tablet press, how to correctly install the rotary tablet press die is a lot of users need to know. Introduction of the technical personnel of the manufacturing enterprise with the tablet press mechanism, the rotary tablet press should remove the parts such as the hopper, powder feeder and feeder frame before the installation of the die, and wipe and clean the working face of the rotary table, the die hole and the installed die piece by piece, make good preparation, and install according to the following steps.

When installing the middle mould device, fix the screw of the middle mould on the turntable, do not make the middle mould fit against the head of the screw, the middle mould device is very tight, it should be flat when placed, the upper punching hole can be used to hammer gently, and the middle mould can enter the mould. Kong sheng its plane cannot rise above rotary table plane to be eligible, then screw firm.

When installing the upper flush device, pull up the tongue embedded in the gap of the upper guide plate, smear some vegetable oil on the tail of the middle guide bar, insert the rod into the hole one by one, rotate the rod with thumb and forefinger to check that the head enters the middle mold and turns up and down flexibly. It is qualified if there is no hard friction, and pull down the tongue embedded after all installed.

When installing the underflush device, pull open the small door on the main body and install it by the round hole of the main body. The installation method is the same as the overflush method. After the installation, the disc must be covered flat.

After all the punching die sets are finished, it is necessary to install the removed parts according to the original position, rotate the test wheel to make the rotary table rotate 1-2 times, observe the up and down into the middle die hole and move on the curve guide, must be flexible and no collision and hard friction phenomenon, start the motor, make the empty car run 2-3 minutes, smooth and normal can be put into production.

When installing the feeder, the feeder should be installed on the feeder support frame, then screw on the knurling screw, and adjust the adjusting screw to make the gap between the bottom surface of the feeder and the table top of the rotary table be 0.05-0.1mm, tighten the knurling screw, and then adjust the level of the powder scraping board to make the bottom plane flush with the working surface of the rotary table. Tighten the screw.

In addition to the correct installation of rotary tablet press, for the filling volume, tablet thickness (pressure), the amount of powder and other aspects of the adjustment, as well as the choice of speed have certain attention. Before using the rotary tablet press, users must make proper preparations for installation and challenges, and carry out equipment operation according to the requirements of the specification, so as to ensure the qualified production.

In addition, the various parts of the friction lubrication is to ensure that equipment normal operation and prolong the service life of the machine, if the main moving parts under the condition of lack of oil dry running, easy to damage the equipment in production can't continue, so the tablet machine before use must be cup of oil, oil hole, and the friction surface and lubricating oil, and empty operation make the friction surface is full of oil film, and then put into use.

At the same time, the use of rotary tablet press should be refueled on time, and pay attention to the cleaning work after use, to ensure the stability of the next operation.