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How To Solve The Problem Of Forming And Hot Sealing Of Aluminum Plastic Blister Packaging Machine Cover

Nov 03, 2018

How to solve the problem of forming and hot sealing of aluminum plastic blister packaging machine cover


Aluminum plastic bubble cover packaging machine is a non-toxic PVC sheet and coated with non-toxic adhesive PTP aluminum foil as packaging materials, in the form of bubble cover plate packaging various shapes and specifications of granular goods. The heating and softening of PVC sheet and PTP aluminum foil are realized automatically and continuously by using a small diameter inner heating contact roller heater.


Comparing with the general packing machine, its outstanding feature is that it is equipped with a small diameter negative pressure forming roll-type suction mold roller. The roller has the two major functions of sucking the heated and softened PVC hard sheet out of the bubble cover through the hole of the bubble cover mold on the roll surface and working together with the heat sealing roller to complete the heat sealing of the heated PTP aluminum foil and the PVC hard sheet. After heating and typing, enter the blanking and rush out of the finished product. Mainly suitable for pharmaceutical factories, hospitals, food, electronics and other industries of various specifications of capsules, tablets, syringes, food and other items of bubble-type aluminum plastic packaging.


According to different molding methods, aluminum-plastic bubble cover packaging machine can be divided into roller type and flat type, flat-plate positive pressure molding effect is better than roller type vacuum molding; according to the hot-sealing way can be divided into roller type hot-pressing sealing and flat-plate hot-pressing sealing, flat-plate hot-pressing sealing effect is better than roller type hot-pressing sealing, and roller type hot-pressing sealing in. Speed and reliability are superior to plate type hot pressing.


According to the production experience in the industry, it is easy to find the problems in the forming and hot-pressing sealing of the aluminum-plastic bubble cover packaging machine in use.

Blister forming problem. Industry experts pointed out that according to the principle that blister forming is a PVC film/ (hard piece) heated through the mold and compressed air or vacuum molding to the desired shape and size of the blister, so when the blister forming problems need to be solved from the following aspects:


Whether the PVC film / (hard piece) is qualified product; whether the temperature of heating device is too high or too low; whether the surface of heating device is adhered to PVC /; whether the molding mold is qualified, whether the molding hole is smooth, whether the porosity is unobstructed; whether the cooling system of the molding mold is normal and effective; whether the vacuum degree and row of the roller negative pressure molding Whether the gas rate can reach the normal value, whether the pipeline has abnormal loss; Whether the compressed air is clean and dry, whether the pressure and flow can reach the normal value, whether the pipeline has abnormal loss; Whether the flat positive pressure molding mold clamps the PVC / belt parallel, whether there is leakage phenomenon.


Hot pressing. Industry insiders pointed out that PVC / strip and aluminum foil in the hot-pressing process of roller-type aluminum-plastic foam cover packaging is a parallel roller-like hot-sealing roll and mesh roll in a certain temperature and pressure to complete the hot-pressing sealing. The contact between heat seal roller and anilox roller is linear, and the pressure needed is relatively small.


In the hot-pressing sealing process of flat aluminum-plastic foam cover packaging, PVC / strip and aluminum foil are sealed by parallel plate and reticulated plate in the same plane under certain temperature and pressure. The contact between heat seal plate and netted plate is surface contact, and the pressure needed is relatively large. No matter whether it is a roller or a flat type hot pressing, the heat seal is not clear and the mesh is not deep.