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Improve The Technology Of Film Coating Machine, Perfect Makeup For Medicinal Materials

Jul 27, 2018

Improve the technology of film coating machine, perfect makeup for medicinal materials


In recent years, due to the improvement of GMP standard, it is required that pharmaceutical and food industries should strictly comply with the relevant regulations of the state in terms of raw materials, personnel, facilities, equipment, production process, packaging and transportation, quality control and so on. Therefore, in our country, in order to achieve the certification of drug GMP, we should pay special attention to the production. In the process of implementing the autonomous management of product quality and health safety.


In the process of drug production, the production of traditional Chinese medicine pills and tablets in the pharmaceutical industry depends on the coating machine. At present, the coating machine has been widely used in the industries of Chinese and Western pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceutical, veterinary medicine, food, beverage and environmental protection. It is suitable for out-patient, colleges and universities laboratories, research institutes, pharmacy and other places.


The emergence of film coating technology has brought a new form of coating for pharmaceutical materials. The film coating has a good protective effect on the drug, and makes the drug more stable and better. The drug is small and convenient for the patient to take. The film coating film usually keeps the clear of the tablets, which is good for the patient to recognize and take the dose.


Since the 1950s, with the rapid development of the polymer industry, the film coating technology in the pharmaceutical industry is gradually mature and widely used in the production of preparation. Therefore, the application of film coating machine is helpful to improve the level of preparation in China. Pharmaceutical enterprises also realize the importance of film coating, and introduce film coating machines to drug production.


The application of film coating technology started late in China. In 1980s, some large pharmaceutical companies began to introduce this technology. In recent years, film coating technology has developed rapidly in China's pharmaceutical production, and film coating machines have also appeared in the market.


Under the development of automation and intellectualization, the coating machine will also gradually realize automatic intelligent operation. At present, many large enterprises have introduced advanced coating technology at home and abroad, using intelligent means, through program control, let the coating accessories be sprayed on the pills automatically by high atomizing spray gun. At the same time, the tablets roll in the coating pot continuously, so that the coating liquid is evenly parcel. But at present, there are very few domestic garment manufacturers like this. Therefore, China's coating equipment industry needs to deepen the market and break through innovation.


China's pharmaceutical industry has developed very well, and the development of new drugs has also been greatly improved. In the future, the pharmaceutical industry will face many challenges. Under this background, China's coating equipment industry, as a member of the pharmaceutical equipment, is also in the ascendant. It is urgent to improve the coating technology and meet the demand of the industry.