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Influence Of Technological Innovation Of Sheet Press On Packaging Machinery

Sep 01, 2018

Influence of technological innovation of sheet press on packaging machinery


Tablet press and tablet pressing technology is the most common and most important technology in pharmaceutical preparation industry. With the development of science and technology, new tablet press and tablet pressing technology are still emerging.

However, for a long time, because of the weakness of basic research, the shortage of talents and the lack of perfect innovation mechanism, there is still a big gap with the advanced press and pressing technology of foreign countries.

The main development direction of foreign sheet press: production under the condition of intelligent and ultramicro unit control and sealing. Some even use magnetic powder clutch and magnetic powder brake and other transmission equipment, which shows that the foreign press is a step further. Sealing, modularization, automation, scale and advanced on-line testing technology will be the most important development direction of sheet press technology. 

The development of Chinaundefineds packing machine is not high precision of processing and manufacturing of packaging machinery, and the appearance design is not beautiful enough. This is manifested in two aspects: on the one hand, the machining accuracy of the equipment is not enough; on the other hand, the processing technology and level are not uniform.

In addition, the appearance of the aesthetic design is also very important. We can see in the domestic pharmaceutical exhibition, although the performance of some of the same type of domestic equipment has been better than foreign advanced equipment, but the lack of design directly affected the final choice of customers.

At present, the development direction of press technology is intelligentized, flexible, precise and in line with the requirements of GMP to be issued soon. The content of high and new technology of products is continuously promoted, automation technology, numerical control technology, such as machinery, gas, liquid, light, magnetism, and so on. Sensor technology, new material technology and so on have been widely used in sheet press.

In recent years, the design and production level of domestic tablet press have made great progress in recent years, but there is still a big gap between foreign tablet press. The development of domestic tablet press has a long way to go.

On the basis of the great progress of packaging machinery manufacturing in our country, we should develop enterprises and enhance competitiveness with a pragmatic attitude to develop the leading products of the industry. Further pay attention to and improve the processing technology and precision, with more perfect appearance and stable manufacturing level to quickly catch up with the world undefineds advanced level.