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Innovation Of Tablet Press Machine

Oct 29, 2020

With years of market development needs, advanced tablet presses and tableting technologies are constantly being innovated, and tablet presses and tableting technologies are developing very rapidly. Tablet press manufacturers are gradually focusing on product quality and gradually turning to " With the business philosophy of “winning by quality”, the tablet press machine newly developed in the market in recent years can be cleaned quickly and easily by users with simple operation. Especially when changing varieties, the modules can be centralized, which can realize offline cleaning for daily production. The site clearance work brings convenience.

With the improvement of the level of manufacturing and processing technology, the improvement of automation control technology, and the various special needs of tablet press manufacturers, various special-purpose tablet presses have also appeared one after another. For example, the laboratory uses the ZP5 rotary tablet press machine , the dry powder rotary tablet press machine for dry powder tableting, and the explosion-proof ZPYG51 series rotary tablet press machine for tablets.

The development of tablet presses has taken a step further in recent years. Airtightness, modularity, automation, large-scale and advanced online detection technology will be the main development direction of tablet press technology, and tablet press will continue to improve production.

1. The development of high speed and high output is the primary development direction of tablet press

2. Development towards standardization and serialization. In order to enable the manufacturer to carry out production in accordance with standardization and systematization, users can purchase equipment in accordance with standardization and serialization. Regardless of specifications, parameters, spare parts and sets, all aspects of pharmaceutical machinery are standardized and serialized. Integration and modularization make the tablet press machine a great progress

The transmission system is independently and modularly arranged under the main body of the machine, effectively avoiding the contamination of medicines by trace impurities caused by the friction of the machine.

All parts of the working surface of the machine adopt a large-angle platform design as much as possible to reduce "ditch ridges" and exposed nuts to make it smooth and without dead ends.

The installation of the lower roller shaft and the lower rail guide adopts the casting subtraction structure (obtained a new patent), which is convenient for disassembly, maintenance and replacement. There is a drain hole at the bottom of the lower pressing wheel, which can be flushed out with water.

Moulds, feeding hoppers, feeders, discharging slots, scrapers, etc. are convenient and quick to disassemble, easy to clean and daily maintenance.

Good sealing performance can prevent cross contamination.

3. Novel tablet presses and tablet press technologies emerge in endlessly. Increasing pre-pressure and improving tablet quality are the common considerations of many tablet press manufacturers launching new varieties. At the same time, main pressure and pre-compression will bring great convenience to assembly adjustment and manufacturing product variants.

Guangdong Rich Packaging Machinery Company’s zp-29D and zp-27D are equipped with pre-compression rails, and the number of tablets is increased, which can suppress materials that are difficult to form