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Installation And Maintenance Of Semi-automatic Capsule Machines

Dec 31, 2019

Installation and maintenance of semi-automatic capsule machines

1. When unpacking, check whether the machine is complete, whether the accessories match the list, and whether there is any damage during transportation.

2. The machine should be placed horizontally indoors, and the site should be ventilated and moisture-proof; no foot screws need to be installed, and a rubber board with a thickness of about 120mm is placed under the feet to avoid long-term damage to the ground and displacement

3. Thoroughly clean before turning on the machine. Wipe the surface oily dirt and dust with a soft cloth slightly moistened with soapy water (or detergent), and then wipe dry with a soft cloth.

4. Use 380v / 50hz AC power supply to connect it properly; at the same time, insert the ground wire according to the position specified by the grounding label.

5. The machine should arrange full-time personnel for maintenance.

6. The operator must be familiar with the instruction manual, and have a basic understanding of the structure and use of the machine before operating

7. Various gears, shafts, guide sleeves and cams of the transmission mechanism are filled with oil once per shift.