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Installation And Maintenance Of Small Wrapping Machine

Nov 17, 2018

Installation and maintenance of small wrapping machine


Small scale coating machine is a kind of high efficiency, energy saving, safe, clean and meeting the requirements of GMP, which includes Chinese and western medicine, tablet, pill, pellet, water pellet, drop pellet, pellet making, etc. The small scale coating machine guarantees the quality and validity of the medicine.



Guangdong Rich Packingi small coating machine installation and use

1. Power on. (note: phase lines and zero lines cannot be misconnected.)

2, air source through Φ 8 pu pipe connected with the body side under tracheal joints.

3. Add coating liquid into the cylinder.

4. Start the power switch and switch on the power.

5. Adjust the speed of the main engine according to the instructions of the governor.

6. Turn on the air inlet adjusting switch, and the air inlet fan starts to work.

7. Adjust the temperature controller and adjust the temperature to the value you need. At this time, if the actual temperature is lower than the set value, the heater power is switched on and the heater starts heating. If the actual temperature is higher than the set value, the power supply of the heater is disconnected and the heater stops heating.

8. Turn on the switch of the gun, and the gun starts to work. Please refer to the instruction of the gun for the use of the gun.

9. After adjusting the above functions properly, the air compressor can be opened, and the air pressure is about 4 ~ 6kg/cm3.


Guangdong Rich Packing small coating machine maintenance and maintenance

1. If the coating pan is not used for a long time, it should be cleaned and oiled on its surface.

2. Oil-proof sealing ring at the end of worm shaft shall be inspected and replaced regularly (no more than 6 months).

3. The lubricating oil in the reducer and the inner cavity of the rolling bearing shall be replaced periodically (generally not more than 6 months)

4, in order to ensure the reduction in the lubricating condition of worm gear in transmission, in the operation of the box body temperature rise shall not exceed 50 .

5. Spray gun should be rinsed with water pressure after each shift to prevent the plug. If the plug occurs, please open the nozzle according to the instruction of the spray gun and remove the residue of the nozzle with a fine needle.

6, the machine must be reliable grounding, grounding resistance should be 4 Ω or less.

7. Do not dismantle electrical appliances at will.

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