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Installation And Operation Guide Of Aluminum Plastic Blister Packaging Machine

Sep 28, 2020

Precautions for aluminum plastic blister packaging machine

1. There is a rubber wheel under the base of the blister packing machine, which can be moved.

2. Full time personnel training operation and maintenance.

3. The grounding wire shall be connected according to the position specified in the grounding label.

4. Tablet capsule blister packaging machine should be kept clean and tidy.

5. Before the production of the capsule blister machine, all parts must be filled with oil (refer to the operating provisions).

6. When the blister packing machine leaves the factory, lubricating oil must be added before production.

7. Oil free air compressor is recommended.

The pressure of forming, heat sealing, indentation and other parts of the aluminum plastic blister packaging machine should not be too high, otherwise the service life will be affected. About 1 mm floating space should be reserved for the cushion of forming indentation.

Operation procedure of aluminum plastic blister packaging machine

1. Turn on the green indicator light, and turn the heating switches of upper and lower forming and hot sealing to "on" position respectively. The first temperature controller of the working table controls the forming temperature, which is generally preset at 90C and 100C . For the second temperature controller, the temperature is preset at 120c - 140C , and the temperature of molding and heat sealing temperature controller is preset as appropriate.

2. Put down the upper pressing block of the feeding roller, the temperature of the forming heating plate is in place, and then turn on the main machine. The plastic PVC is formed first, and the forming blister hole is consistent with the hole position of the heat sealing mold. Pay attention to the heat sealing mold base, put down the heat sealing mold with the handle to hold the aluminum foil, and the aluminum foil will drive the blanking. Observe whether the plastic (refers to the molding PVC on the surface of the machine) moves left and right. If there is deviation, adjust the starting and guiding roller seat to adjust the leading direction.

3. If the aluminum foil deflects to the left and right, the hand wheel of the adjustable knuckle roller seat can be adjusted. If the deviation is adjustable, the box moves.

4. After the hot seal blanking is normal, open the gate of the feeder appropriately to make the medicine (tablet capsule, sugar coating) enter the feeding room appropriately. If there is a small amount of missing grains, it can be filled manually. The main points for attention during grain filling are: roller pressing, hand rolling and breaking the aluminum foil; in addition, when the forming blister passes to the edge of the pressing roller, there is a lack of grain, so do not force to make up again. The hole position cannot be filled. When the drug is brought in, it will seriously affect the synchronization When the aluminum foil is sealed on the mold, it should be processed by the machine.

5. As the weight of the drug is increased, the tension of aluminum foil and the gradual change of machine temperature are not the same, which may lead to the phenomenon of unsynchronization between molding and heat sealing. First, check whether the plastic PVC and aluminum foil have a negative separation, and then use the fine adjustment mechanism on the machine to adjust. The fine adjustment mechanism moves forward and backward in the mold because it adjusts the distance or adjusts the box front and back. Therefore, it should be placed in the neutral position before starting the machine to move forward and backward. It can also be adjusted by moving the front box. After the correct movement, the version will not be correct until more than ten versions have been completed. Therefore, do not randomly adjust it before it is finished. 6. The heat sealing quality of plastic aluminum foil (even, firm and even) is proved by the temperature or pressure and the flatness of the checkered plate. In case of poor heat sealing, the temperature is generally suitable, and the pressure is slightly lower. Adjust the temperature and adjust the screw pressure.

7. Blanking offset, cutting with format offset, stop the machine to move the manual adjustment box, can adjust the die shift.

8. In the daily operation knowledge, for the operation work, we must understand the structure and principle of the blistering machine. The roller of the top bar seat is driven by the cam, the up and down stroke, the position of the upper cover template is fixed, and the bubble cap is in a bad state. Pay attention to the lower forming die or heat seal to the top dead center, and tighten the column nut. If not, it is easy to break down, and the roller needle of the ejector pin seat is locked. The solution is to solve the problem.