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Instructions For The Installation And Maintenance Of The Tablet Press

Dec 29, 2018

Instructions for the installation and maintenance of the tablet press

Guangdong Rich Packing tablet press installation instructions

1. The machine is a whole box, which can be moved to the appropriate place of use after unpacking. It can be used after the pad is flat.


2, electrical lines and devices, should pay attention to the voltage, the user did not mention, all the provisions of 380 volts, and wiring should pay attention to the motor rotation direction, must be consistent with the direction of the arrow on the machine, do not reverse, in order to ensure electrical safety must be installed with effective ground wire.


3. The machine should be placed in a dry and clean room with sufficient light.


Guangdong Rich Packing tablet press maintenance instructions

1, regular inspection of parts, 1-2 times a month, check the items for worm gear, worm, bearing, pressure wheel, crankshaft, upper and lower guide rail and other active parts whether the rotation is flexible and wear, found defects should be repaired in time for use.


2, after a use or shutdown, should take out the remaining powder, brush the machine name part of the residual powder, such as a long time out of service, must be all the punch mold removed, and all the machine wipe clean, the smooth surface of the machine coated with rust oil, with a cloth cover.


3, the maintenance of the die should be placed in a covered iron box, so that the die is immersed in oil, and to keep clean, do not rust and bruise, it is best to customize the iron box with each kind of specification to pack a box, can avoid the use of the wrong and help grasp the damage situation.


4, the place of use should be cleaned frequently, especially for medicine and edible tablets manufacturing should not have ash sand, flying dust.

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