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Interpretation Of The Structure Of Punching Rod In Rotary Table Of Sheet Press

Sep 23, 2020

Some aspects of the tablet press have special requirements on the structure is also targeted, in the use of the need to pay attention to something, the structure and application requirements of the special-shaped die press: if the tablet is constrained by the special-shaped die, The die has certain positioning requirements, square, triangular, elliptical and other shapes.

 The upper punch rod of the turntable of the tablet press has the requirement on the structure of the tablet press. The requirement of the entry of the punching die is that the upper punch rod needs a directional key, and the upper punch rod of the turntable is reconciled in the process of the equipment.

 The punching rod of the press press is not separated from the middle die hole during the operation process, and no other processing is required. It is not possible to roll the tablet punching rod with the special shape punching die, but to do the lifting motion along the upper and lower guide rail. When the turntable is driven, the punching rod and the guide rail slip friction, so that the punching rod and the guide rail wear each other.

 Therefore, in our use of them, we should pay attention to smooth, every day in the work must also remember to do maintenance, to punctual inspection whether loose and wear, affected by the impact of the impact of the impact of the rod and the middle mold is unable to run the production.