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Introduction Of Automatic Dry Legal Granulator

Dec 26, 2017

Introduction of automatic dry legal granulator


The production process of Richpacking dry legal granulator:

Is to mix dry granulator pour certain crystallization water content, dry powder material hopper, by alien not equidistant taper screw preloading the downward spiral of feed, make the material is compressed, and evenly distributed in the two rounds of the surface, to the bite area is pressed by a certain thrust two roller nip, extrusion ChengPu piece first, then chop them into a process of granulating granulation in the system. 

The advantages and developing trend of dry legal granulation technology in drug production: 

Powder materials western medicine or traditional Chinese medicine extraction (spray drying, freeze-drying), there will be different sizes of powder particle size, uneven density, poor fluidity and easy to stratify. Therefore, to solve the characteristics of these materials, a key processing procedure must be carried out. The granule can be successfully pressed, the capsule filling or the particle packaging.  

Use the water of crystallization of material itself, rely on mechanical extrusion principle, directly on the raw material powder and compressing molding to coarse crushing, granulation, and continuous granulation is a kind of save energy consumption, operation simple and convenient, a method of low production cost. 

The use of dry legal granules requires less equipment to be used than wet legal granule, less cost of maintenance, less land area and less production and processing cost. 

Because dry legal granule is less than wet legal grain, the processing technology is simple, thus reducing the link of the GMP argument. 

The main advantage of dry legal granule compared with wet granulation is low energy consumption; Do not add any additives and adhesives; After granulation the product particle size is even; High accumulation density; Good flow performance; Storage and transportation after granulation; Easy to control tolerance, porosity and surface area; Especially for some drugs, fear of water or alcohol can't melt and antibiotic, heat-sensitive strong drug afraid of heat, the proportion of traditional Chinese medicine extract can not meet the requirements, and can't add adhesives or auxiliary materials, must be done through dry granule process.

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