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Introduction Of Blister Packaging Technology For Pill

Sep 06, 2018

Introduction of blister packaging technology for pill


Drug blister packaging is made by filling the medicine in vacuum bubble absorption (blowing) or molding blister, using aluminum foil and other covering materials, and sealing with the foaming substrate under certain temperature and time conditions through pressure. Drug blister packaging, also known as blister eye packaging, PTP (Press through Packaging), is one of the main forms of drug packaging, suitable for the mechanical packaging of tablets, capsules, suppositories, pills and other solid preparations.

Operating process and working procedure of flat-plate blister packaging machine: the plastic sheet is heated to soften and plasticity in the flat-plate preheating device. The plastic sheet is pulled and sent to the flat-plate forming device by the step device. The soft plastic sheet is blown (or punched and blown) into a blister by compressed air. The filling device fills the package into the blister. Then transfer to the flat sealing device, at the right temperature and pressure, the plastic sheet and aluminum foil will be covered with sealing, and finally sent to the typing, stamping and punching device, punching batch number, breaking line out, punching cut into a specified size plate. That is: unwinding plastic sheet forming preheating blow molding material filling sealing covered aluminum foil batch number breaking line stepping punching scrap collection. In recent years, some medicines have to be packed in light-proof packaging. A new kind of packaging substrate, composite aluminum foil, has emerged. It does not need preheating and compressed air, but is formed by mechanical stretching.

Usage Features: The structure of the forming device is flat, the forming method is blow molding (positive pressure molding), using compressed air will be heated and softened plastic sheet into the mold cavity (or blow molding plus stamping), forming the required geometric shape of the bubble cover. Because of the positive pressure forming, the forming quality is good, the dimension precision is high, the fine part reproducibility is good, the gloss transparency is good, the bubble cover is beautiful and straight, the wall thickness is even, the forming bubble cover size can be larger, the drawing ratio can be larger, the maximum forming depth of the bubble cover can reach more than 35 mm, the forming pressure can be more than 4. Mpa. The structure of sealing device is flat plate. The aluminum foil to be sealed is sent to the plate sealing plate and sealed under pressure. After a certain period of time, it quickly leaves. It belongs to intermittent sealing and surface contact. The total sealing pressure required is large and the sealing mechanism requires high precision. Due to the use of plate forming, plate sealing, so the adaptability to plate size changes, plate arrangement is flexible, punched out of the plate flat, not warping. But the sealing time is longer, so that the speed of the whole machine is reduced, and the general punching frequency is less than 35 times / minute. The filling space of this type of machine is large, and many filling machines can be arranged at the same time. It is easier to pack a variety of drugs in one plate, enlarging the scope of packaging, and improving the level of packaging.