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Introduction Of High Speed Tablet Press Machine

Nov 22, 2018

Introduction of High Speed tablet Press machine

Pharmaceutical equipment is the material basis of pharmaceutical production, is the means and tools for the development of pharmaceutical industry. With the development of modern industrial production, pharmaceutical equipment has become more and more important in the development and competition of pharmaceutical enterprises. In recent years, the pharmaceutical industry in China has developed rapidly, and there are nearly 6000 pharmaceutical enterprises, of which 80 are pharmaceutical enterprises. There are more than 1000 Chinese medicine enterprises. Through scientific research and technology introduction, digestion and absorption, there are more than 1100 kinds of pharmaceutical equipment products in China, among which the products in the 1990s are dominant, and some products have reached the international advanced level. The mechanical production equipment of pharmaceutical enterprises is like the lifeline of enterprises. It is not a perpetual machine that will never be broken, and it needs excellent maintenance personnel to carry out timely and effective maintenance. If the mechanical equipment is maintained and maintained well, it can provide the high quality medicine production condition for the enterprise, and can provide the guarantee for the stable and rapid development of the enterprise; Mechanical equipment side maintenance, if a large number of problems, can not guarantee the normal production of enterprises.


Tablet press is a commonly used equipment in solid preparation. It compacts particles or powder into tablets by punching head in die hole. Taking automatic high speed tablet press as an example, this paper introduces the working flow, transmission form and performance of the equipment. This paper analyzes how to accurately maintain the common faults of the machine to ensure that the equipment can run effectively for a long time.

1. Working principle of High Speed sheet Press

Automatic high-speed sheet press, including filling, quantitative, pre-pressing, main compression molding, sheet production and other processes. The upper and lower punches are driven by the punching plate, moving from left to right along the upper and lower guideways respectively. When the punch moves to the filling section, the upper punch moves upward around the forced feeder, and the lower punch moves downward through the pull down cam action, at this time, A cavity is formed on the upper surface of the lower punch and the die hole. The powder particles are filled into the cavity of the middle die hole by forcing the impeller of the feeder into the cavity, and the current punch passes through the zui low point of the pull-down cam to form an excessive filling. The punch of the tablet press continues to move with the punching plate, and the lower punch moves upward as it passes through the filling cam, and pushes the surplus powder particles in the cavity into the middle die hole to enter the quantitative section. In the quantitative section, the upper surface of the filling cam is horizontal, the lower punch keeps the horizontal motion state, and the superfluous powder particles on the top surface of the middle die are scraped out by the quantitative scraper to ensure the consistency of the filling amount of the powder particles in each middle die hole. In order to prevent the powder from the middle die hole from being thrown out, the cover plate was installed after the quantitative scraper. The lower impact protection cam pulls down the lower punch, and the upper punch moves down by the downward pressure cam. When the die hole is removed from the cover plate, the upper punch enters the middle die hole. When the punch passes through the prepress wheel, the prepressing action is completed and then continues through the main press wheel. The pressing action izui is completed through the extrusion of the main press wheel, and then through the sheet cam, up and up, down, up and down, and pushing the pressed tablets into the middle die hole. The tablets are put into the device and the whole process of pressing the tablets is completed. 


2. Transmission system and characteristics of high-speed tablet press


The main drive system is to provide power for the press. It requires the speed of the main transmission system to be adjustable and has enough torque. The speed is stable and reliable under the large impact load. The main transmission system mainly includes high power AC motor, frequency converter, tensioner, big belt pulley, synchronous tooth belt, small belt pulley, hand wheel, worm gear reducer, main drive shaft and so on.

The machine adopts frequency conversion technology to replace the mechanical speed regulation of stepless speed regulating motor. The advantages of frequency conversion speed regulation are energy saving, reliable control, stable operation and low noise. The inverter itself has many protection functions, such as overvoltage, low voltage and overcurrent. Through the output parameters, the actuator can be monitored in real time. Once abnormal, the protection function action, the inverter controls the main motor to stop running. At the same time, show the fault code, indicating the cause of the fault, and further ensure the safe and reliable work of the motor.