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Introduction Of Standard Operating Procedures For Aluminum-plastic Blister Packaging Machines

May 23, 2018

Introduction of standard operating procedures for aluminum-plastic blister packaging machines


1. Preparation of aluminum plastic blister packaging machine before operation

1.1 Inspect all parts of the machine, whether power, gas, water, etc. are normal.

1.2 to receive PVC and aluminum foil corresponding to the production of intermediate products.

1.3 Replace the steel particles with the corresponding batch number for the production of the intermediate product, and affix a piece of double-layer adhesive tape below the font to avoid pressure on the PVC and aluminum foil.

2. Aluminum blister packaging machine operation 1. Preparation of aluminum blister packaging machine before operation

1.1 Inspect all parts of the machine, whether power, gas, water, etc. are normal.

2.1 dial power switch, open the water supply valve;

2.2 Press the preheat switch, heater switch, respectively to the PVC heating roller (adjusted to 155 - 160 °C), aluminum foil heating roller (adjusted to 185 - 190 °C) and batch number steel heating (120 - 130 °C);

2.3 Put PVC and aluminum foil in the specified direction, and make the name of the aluminum foil medicine consistent with that of the batch number. Put the PVC around the heating roller on the forming roller, and finally join the aluminum foil at the heating roller of the aluminum foil.

2.4 When the predetermined temperature is reached, press the start switch and the host rotates clockwise. PVC bypasses the PVC heating roller, hopper, aluminum foil heating roller, tensioner, batch number device, and punching die.

2.5 Press the "Pressing, punching, vacuum, batch number" key and start switch, the machine rotates, check whether the punched aluminum plastic products meet the requirements, the font direction of the batch number steel font and aluminum foil should be the same, if the opposite can be exchanged aluminum foil or Lot number in the direction of the word.

2.6 Check the appearance of the aluminum-plastic products, whether the lot number is clear, whether the aluminum-plastic press is flat, whether the punching is complete, and whether the lot number is perforated or not.

2.7 After the inspection meets the requirements, the machine shall be in normal operation. The hopper shall be put down and the qualified intermediate products shall be added. 2.8 Open the discharge valve and adjust the feeding speed to be consistent with the machine rotation speed. Press the “Brush wheel” switch to adjust the normal rotation speed so as not to affect the intermediate product quality. 2.9 The machine runs normally and starts the production operation;

2.10 During the production process, the appearance quality of the finished aluminum-plastic products must be inspected and the machine operation conditions must be checked. If there is any abnormality, the machine can be shut down immediately after inspection.

2.11 After the completion of production, press the stop switch to turn off the cooling water.