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It Needs Continuous Innovation Of Domestic Cartoning Machine

Dec 07, 2018

It needs continuous innovation of domestic cartoning machine


The earliest automatic cartoning machine used in China was imported from Italy in the mid-1970s, but it was not widely used because the domestic packaging materials and carton processing and manufacturing could not meet the requirements of machine packaging. Until the 1980s, the quality of pharmaceutical packaging materials and the processing and manufacturing technology of cartons have made significant progress, and automatic cartoning machine has begun to be fully applied.


Since the 1990s, domestic automatic cartoning machines began to break the monopoly of foreign products in the market and were used by domestic enterprises. Up to now, the domestic automatic cartoning machine has embarked on the road of development. After development, domestic drug cartoning machines have achieved rapid growth, but the level of manufacturing and R&D is still unable to compare with the international advanced level, especially in high-end products.


The market share of domestic cartoning machines is still small, most of which are still partitioned by imported products. Many large scale pharmaceutical manufacturers in China still import imported medicine boxes. Faced with the current situation of the industry, pharmaceutical boxer enterprises need to improve scientific research investment, enhance scientific research capacity, introduce mature foreign technical principles, and develop advanced equipment with a forward-looking.