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Key Points Of Production And Management Of Capsule

Jun 06, 2018

Key points of production and management of capsule


Key points of production and management of capsule

Pretreatment of raw materials

(1) before using the raw and auxiliary materials, the name, specifications, quantity, number of pieces and the qualified test sheet shall be checked, and the quality shall be inspected and screened to prevent foreign substances from mixing.

(2) the raw and auxiliary materials after treatment shall be put into a clean and dry container with labels attached inside and outside, and shall be recorded and transferred to the next process.


Capsule production management key points two

Ingredients and granulation

(1) check the labels of the powder and thick paste (extract) transferred in the previous process, and check and accept after no error.

(2) when calculating and feeding ingredients, the operator and the reviewer are required to sign the production records.

(3) for the varieties that need to be packaged after granulation, the powder should be mixed evenly before granulation, and a certain proportion of thick paste or adhesive should be gradually added. When a batch number is divided into several times, the size of the granule should be the same and the tightness should be the same.

(4) for the temperature, concentration, quantity and other technical conditions of the mixture, the necessary technical parameters must be formulated according to the characteristics of the variety, and the operation must be strictly controlled. Pure water should be used in granulation with water.

(5) weighing apparatus shall be calibrated and periodically calibrated before use.


Key points of production and management of capsule


(1) control the thickness of the dry plate wet particles as stipulated in the variety, quantity, often should turn in the process of dry material, time and ventilation, timing records the drying temperature, to prevent coking, control the grain moisture within the prescribed scope.

(2) the uniformity of oven temperature should be checked regularly.

(3) when using the fluidized bed to dry, the air used should be purified and dedusted. During the operation, it should constantly check whether there is any material condensation phenomenon and make it dry evenly.


Key points of production and management of capsule

The whole grain

(1) permanent magnet shall be installed in the hopper of the whole machine to absorb iron particles that accidentally enter the particles.

(2) the aromatic materials are added gradually in the whole grain process after being calculated according to the specified content, so that the mixture can be even. After mixing the particles of the aromatic materials, they should be stored in the container for more than 4 hours, so as to facilitate even penetration.

(3) the mixed particles are placed in a clean container. Labels shall be attached inside and outside the container, indicating the name of the product, batch number, batch number, number of pieces, date and work number, and sent to the intermediate station in time.

(4) special toxic varieties shall be produced in a closed room, and operators shall operate in isolation. Indoor should be equipped with a dust absorption device, dust removal should be concentrated treatment.


Key points of production and management of capsule

Pack sac

(1) check the name, specification, batch number and quantity of the semi-finished products of hollow capsules before the separation, and it should be consistent with the test certificate.

(2) hollow capsules, semi-finished products and finished products should be placed in the constant temperature and humidity indoors, should be controlled at room temperature for 18 ~ 28 ; The relative humidity is 45% ~ 65%.

(3) manual packaging: the dosage of each plate should be adjusted, weighed, checked and signed; Special persons shall be appointed to check the quality difference, and each board shall be inspected and accepted after passing spot check. Receive, send all fulfillment quality, send a problem, should repair or exchange in time.

(4) packing machine: should a person responsible for the debugging and the maintenance of equipment, partial shipments before the test, and check the load difference, the appearance, test and qualified rear can boot, boot after the average charge should be regular sampling inspection, timely adjust the machine, test and the unqualified capsules should rework processing.

(5) the weighing apparatus used for weighing and testing shall be calibrated and verified regularly before use.

(6) packing good semi-finished products into clean, dry container, sealed preservation, prevent moisture absorption, inside and outside the container shall be labelled, indicate the name, batch number, specification, quantity, number, date, work number, and then into the next process or standing in the middle.


Key points of production and management of capsule

Check your bag and polish it

Before checking the bag, you should first sweep the white powder off the outer wall of the bag and then discard the unqualified products. After wiping the outer wall of the capsule, it will be polished according to the technical requirements. The capsules that have passed the inspection shall be put into clean and dry containers, and shall be transferred to the intermediate station after being labeled inside and outside.


Capsule production management key points seven


(1) the pretreatment of the packaging materials shall be cleaned by washing the bottles with drinking water, and then washing them with pure water at high temperature for sterilization, drying and storage. The storage time shall not exceed three days. If the storage time exceeds the prescribed time, it shall be rewashed. The outer packing of bottle stopper should be strict and the inner cleaning and drying. Cotton, paper and other internal packaging materials that come into direct contact with medicines should be cleaned and sterilized by appropriate methods, and kept dry and closed after sterilization.

(2) when packaging with aluminum, the heat sealing temperature should be strictly controlled. Be careful not to fall off or blur the print on the aluminum sheet.

(3) several pieces of utensils shall be inspected, cleaned, kept and distributed by special persons.

(4) the product name, specification and batch number on the packaging label must be checked and proofread. After the end of the package, the number of label requisition, utility number and remaining number should be accurately counted. Residual label and scrap label label management method processing.

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