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Laboratory Tablet Press

Aug 17, 2018

Laboratory tablet press


Guangdong rich packing experimental tablet press: the laboratory powder tablet press is a small electric continuous tablet press. It can press all kinds of granular, crystalline or flowable powdery raw materials into round sheet, cylindrical, spherical, convex, concave and so on! It is suitable for pressing Chinese medicine tablets, western medicine tablets, chewable tablets, calcium tablets, mouth lozenges tablets, milk tablets, candy tablets, effervescent tablets, mothballs (sanitary balls), aromatic tablets, taste tablets, disinfection tablets, catalysts, fertilizer tablets, pesticide tablets, button batteries, electronic components, metallurgical powder ceramic particles. The depth of filling and thickness of pressure plate can be adjusted. We can supply all kinds of moulds according to customer's requirement.

Precautions for the use of the experimental tablet press

1. Read the instruction carefully before the first use of the machine, and then use it again.

2. The machine can only operate in a certain direction (as shown by the arrow on the handwheel or protective cover) and cannot be reversed to avoid damage to the machine parts. Pay special attention to the pressure plate adjustment, do not neglect.

3. Belt tightening regulation: it is regulated by two adjusting nuts on the electromechanical floor. Pay attention to the locking after the adjustment.

4. When no power supply is used, the v-belt should be removed to reduce resistance and wear. But do not remove the large pulley, because the large pulley has the flywheel to save power.

5. The rotating handle on the handwheel shall be pulled down when the electric pressure plate is pressed, so as to avoid injury while running.

6. No matter manual pressing or electric pressing, the upper core rod should be in the rising position before starting. If the upper punch plate is started at the descending position, it will enter the middle mould plate just after starting. At this time, due to the lack of inertia before the machine speed rises, it is easy for the top car to occur. (that is, after the upper punch enters the middle die, it is "dead" due to the resistance of the pill, making the machine stop running. When jacking, due to heavy load, often damage or burn out the motor).

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