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Maintenance And Troubleshooting Of Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

Feb 06, 2020

Maintenance and troubleshooting of automatic capsule filling machine

One: Maintenance

1. Cleaning the mold of capsule filling machine

2. After filling the capsule, turn off the power, raise the hopper and remove it. 

3. Remove the sensor and cover on the feeding tray, take out the punch and the material rack (the punch is placed on a stainless steel cart with the head facing outwards, neatly stacked), and take out the medicine powder in the tray (do not pollute) Pack it in a plastic bag. 

4. Remove all the machine parts that need to be disassembled, such as the metering disc, copper block, module, polishing machine, vacuum cleaner, etc., and place them on the trolley in a neat and light manner, and place the screws in the container. 

5. When changing the variety, remove the bag fork, empty bag hopper and vacuum tube with special tools and put it on the trolley. 

6. Push the disassembled capsule filling machine mold to the container washing room, wash the machine parts with mercerized towels and hot water, remove the adhered dust and residues, and then scrub again with purified water. 

7. The sensor must be dismantled and placed gently. Use a mercerized towel dipped in 75% ethanol to wipe it clean. Do not wash it with water. 

8. Dry all cleaned parts with a mercerized towel and place them neatly on the trolley frame. After counting the quantities, push the cart to the container drying room to dry. 

9. The dried capsule filling machine mold should be returned to the die room for storage and placed in a special mold box. 

2: Cleaning the body and accessories of the capsule filling machine

1. Use a special vacuum cleaner to fill up the accumulated powder on the surface of the turntable. Use the vacuum cleaner to clean the dust inside the machine. Remove the large disks, modules and other components from the machine, and then soak with ethanol for about 15 minutes. . Wipe dry with a clean, dry, mercerized towel.

2. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dust outside the capsule machine, and wipe it with a clean wet mercerized towel until there is no product residue, and finally wipe it with a clean and dry mercerized towel. 

3. Move the capsule polisher, dust collector, and vacuum cleaner to the container washing room for cleaning. 

4. Cleaning of the capsule polishing machine: Open the cover of the machine, take out the screen and rollers and rinse with hot tap water. Use a mercerized towel and scrub to remove the adhered dust and residue, and then scrub it again with purified water. 

5. Cleaning of dust collector and vacuum cleaner: Clean according to the “Cleaning Operation Rules for Vacuum Cleaner”, clean the dust in the machine barrel, rinse the adherent dust and residue with hot tap water, wipe all parts inside and outside the machine with a mercerized towel to No dust or foreign matter. 

6. Dry all cleaned parts with a mercerized towel and put them in a container drying room to dry. 

Three: clearance inspection

Visually inspect all parts of the equipment without water stains and residues; wipe them with a clean towel, no traces of dirt, no residual liquid. 

After the clearance, the operator fills in the clearance records according to regulations.