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Maintenance Instructions For Powder Tablet Press

Feb 27, 2019

Maintenance instructions for powder tablet press

In order to better use the powder tablet press and prolong its service life, the powder tablet press needs to do some maintenance. The following are the instructions:

1. Check the parts of powder tablet press regularly, 1-2 times a month. Check whether the movable parts such as worm wheel, worm, bearing, roller, crankshaft, upper and lower guide rail rotate flexibly and wear, and find out the defects should be repaired and used in time.

2. When the powder tablet press is finished or shut down at one time, the remaining powder should be taken out and the residual powder in the name part of the machine should be cleaned. If the machine is out of service for a long time, all the punching dies must be removed and the machine must be wiped clean. The machine's surface should be coated with rust-proof oil and covered with cloth canopy.

3. The maintenance of the die should be placed in a covered tin box, so that the die can be completely immersed in oil and kept clean, so as not to rust and bruise. Zui can customize the iron box to pack one box with each specification, which can avoid the misloading and help to grasp the situation of the damage.

4. The use place of powder tablet press should be cleaned regularly, especially for pharmaceutical and edible tablets.

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