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Maintenance Of High Speed Mixer

Sep 03, 2017

Maintenance of high speed mixer

There are many applications of hybrid machines, where the high speed mixer should make maintenance procedures when used. Besides the general equipment maintenance rules, the following items should be noted:

1. After 10 hours of initial operation, the high speed mixer should be fully checked, and the joints should be tightened once necessary.  

2, the first 10 hours after the operation, the equipment should be check the v belt tension, when adjusting the tension screw to triangle uniform tension, after should be the motor plate locking bolt is tightened, prevent loose.  

3. All parts of the equipment should be kept clean, especially in the inner wall of the mixing vessel and the material in the discharge hole should be cleaned. The equipment should not be covered with anti-rust grease for long periods of time.  

4. The equipment needs to be checked regularly, repaired regularly, damaged parts of vulnerable parts, and must be repaired and replaced in time.  

5. The electrical equipment should be inspected regularly, especially the heater, and the damage should be replaced in time.