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Maintenance Of Mixer

Sep 03, 2017

Maintenance of mixer


The following matters should be paid attention to:

Must be carried out according to the operation procedure of the equipment, which is the best maintenance of the equipment.

Pay attention to the mixing of the equipment after the equipment is started, and the loading should be added slowly according to the requirements.

The working parts of the sealing ring and coupling are easy to malfunction and should be replaced in time if necessary.

(1) periodic "> check to check whether the fasteners are loose; Check the tightness of V belt installation; The defiled and dedusting shall be cleaned by the department.

The conical mixer can be repaired once a year. Note the following:

Check the clearance of mixing paddle, scraper and mixing chamber wall to meet the requirements of the following table.

Remove rolling bearing and cleaning inspection; The serious wear parts are replaced. Change grease and seal rings.

Check whether the main drive shaft has been bent or worn.

Check the cleaning cylinder, replace the sealing ring and guide sleeve, check whether the piston rod has bending deformation and wear.

After checking the main parts, make a good record, test when necessary, prepare spare parts, and propose replacement for the next repair.