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Market Position Of Automatic Cartoning Packing Machine

Apr 24, 2019

Market Position of Automatic cartoning packing Machine

Automatic cartoning machine is a kind of equipment that can automatically load products into cartons and cover them. It also has some additional functions, so it is widely used in many industries that need cartons.

Actually, there are not many manufacturers of automatic cartoning machines in the domestic pharmaceutical industry, but fewer manufacturers with good technology and quality. The debugging and manufacturing of cartoning machines will directly affect the quality of cartoning machines. Different models of products will have different characteristics. The performance of improved machines may be better in all aspects.

Medium and low speed cartoning machine has compact structure, strong adaptability, convenient and economical use, but it has large impact, is not easy to adjust, and its speed is relatively low. Medium and high speed boxers are widely used, but they can not adapt to the change of speed, so they need to be further upgraded and refined.

Fully automatic cartoning machine can automatically suck boxes, fold instructions, blanking, feeding, batch number and other processes, running smoothly, low noise. The operation system of PLC and man-machine interface automatic control is adopted, and the degree of automation is relatively high. Its safety protection device can avoid safety accidents, and the mechanical overload automatic shutdown function can ensure the safety of personnel. It can automatically eliminate unqualified products and ensure the quality of packaging products. It can be equipped with various auxiliary devices according to the needs of users, so that users can use them more conveniently. In addition, it has the function of automatic alarm and counting to ensure that the production process is safe and reliable. In production, if there is no product, it will not supply cartons, no cartons will not spray glue, many times without products or overload, it will automatically shut down.

Therefore, the automatic cartoning machine still needs to be improved to better meet the needs of users.