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Matters Needing Attention In Changing Mould Of Capsule Filling Machine

Dec 31, 2020

To replace the Different specifications capsule of capsule filling machine, the components that must be replaced:

1 Upper and lower die

2 capsule tube

3 Turn the claw

4 Packages

5 Filling bars

6 dose plates

7 powder ring covers

1. upper and lower module replacement


Loosen the fastening screw of the upper cover plate of the turntable, remove the upper cover plate, then remove the fastening screw of the upper and lower modules, and then remove the upper and lower modules.


First replace the lower module of another specification, align the two positioning holes of the lower module to the two pin of the T shaft, then tighten the screw;

Then replace the upper module, correct the concentricity of the upper and lower module holes, insert the module debugging rod into the two die holes on the left and right side of the module, correct the concentricity of the upper and lower module holes, and tighten the screws.

It is necessary to ensure that the debugging rod rotates flexibly in the upper and lower die holes.


2. Replacement of delivery components capsule filling machine

 (i) Disassembly

a. loosen the two fastening screws of the capsule funnel and remove the screws and funnel

b. turn the main motor shaft with a handle to make the pod tube run to the highest position

c. unscrew the two screws on the seeding tube and remove the seeding tube

d. unscrew the three fastening screws on the correction block and remove the capsule comb

e. unscrew the screw on the knob and remove the knob

(2) Replacement and installation

a. tighten the screws after positioning the holes in the casing

b. align the concave groove on the turning claw to the convex groove on the transverse slide plate, place it on the die slide plate, and adjust it to the best position of the corresponding capsule and tighten the upper screw

Align the holes to the holes on the straight slide together c. the seeding tube and the rear plate. After positioning, tighten the upper screws

d. mount capsule funnel tightening screw

After e. replacing the delivery parts, put some empty capsules in the funnel, start the vacuum pump, open the release capsule mechanism, turn the machine with the handle, and confirm whether the capsule delivery separation is normal.


3. Replacement of capsule filling machine dose plate and filling rod

a. Loosen the clamp and remove the steel pipe.

b. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove the remaining powder in the pool ring.

c. Remove the filling rod by unscrewing the side fixing screw and the upper height adjusting screw.

D. first pull up the blocking board upwards, screw down two fastening screws at the two ends of the powder ring cover, rotate the main motor correspondingly with the handle, loosen the four fastening screws for fixing the powder ring, slowly remove the powder ring and the cover plate from the side plate, and remove the filling bar from the side.

e. Use a special spanner to remove the three screws fastening the dose plate, and then remove the dose plate.

f. After cleaning the powder in the bracket, install the dose plate of another specification, and do not tighten the three fastening screws.

g. Use the handle to rotate the main motor to lower the punch base plate to the lowest position. Insert the two dose plate correction rods into the holes at different positions of the filling rod base. At this time, rotate the dose plate carefully and appropriately to make the correction rods insert into the holes smoothly.

h. Install the powder ring and cover plate together from the side, turn the machine with the handle, and tighten the four screws to fix the powder ring.

i. Tighten the cover plate fixing screw, carefully adjust the height of the powder distributor to make the gap between the powder distributor and the dosage plate, and then tighten the locking nut.

j. Install the filling rod, holder and pressing plate according to the original position, and tighten the cap nut.


4. adjust after changing mold of capsule filling machine.

When the mold specifications are changed, the machine must be adjusted properly. First, turn the main motor with the handle to make the machine run for 1-2 cycles. If you feel abnormal resistance, stop the rotation immediately, find out the fault and eliminate it until it is in normal state.


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