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Mixer Change Its Relative Position

Oct 30, 2017

Mixer Change its relative position

The classification and characteristics of the powder mixed equipment of pharmaceutical industry

Mixing equipment is the use of a variety of different structure of mixing device, relative movement between the powder material, changing the relative position, and constantly overcome hierarchical trend due to differences in object material. There are various kinds of mixed equipment for solid powder, mainly divided into three categories: container return, container fixed type and compound type.

1. Container transformation

In the pharmaceutical industry, the transformation of the container has V type, double cone, three-dimensional motion (multi-directional mixing), square cone hopper, and other mixing machines. In addition to the cone hopper and large-capacity three-dimensional motion mixing machine, this kind of hybrid equipment is generally applicable to many varieties and small batch production.

Characteristics of container - back transition mixer:

(1) when mixing with frictional mixing materials, the mixing effect is good;

(2) when mixing materials with good fluidity and similar properties, good mixing results can be obtained;

(3) when mixing materials that are prone to condensation and adhesion, it is necessary to install the forced mixing blade or diffuser in the mixing equipment.

Disadvantages of container to transition mixer:

(1) the large capacity mixer occupies a relatively large area and requires a solid foundation;

(2) the loading coefficient is relatively small, mixing materials and containers simultaneously rotate the whole mixture, so the transformation is more energy consumption than the fixed type;

(3) special devices shall be made to locate or park;

(4) when the mixed material difference is large, the ideal mixture cannot be obtained.

(5) compared with the fixed type, the noise of the transformation is relatively loud.

2. Container fixed type

In the pharmaceutical industry, the container fixed type has groove type (horizontal spiral belt), vertical spiral belt, planet cone (double spiral cone) and airflow agitation type. The mixing equipment is suitable for mass production, generally in addition to the day, the company agent Bolz - Summix cone screw mixer (the characteristics of its internal structure can apply sterile products) and air mixing type, other type of application in the pharmaceutical industry is less.

Features of container fixed type mixer:

(1) good adaptability to coagulative and adhesive materials with strong adhesion;

(2) when the difference between the mixed materials is large, the influence on the mixing state is small.

(3) it can be mixed with liquid and wet and easy to be mixed;

(4) large loading coefficient and relatively small energy consumption.