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Mixer Commonly Used Mixers Are Divided Into

Aug 01, 2017

Mixer Commonly used mixers are divided into

Commonly used mixer is divided into gas and low viscosity liquid mixer, medium and high viscosity liquid and paste mixture machinery, thermoplastic material mixer, powder and granular solid material mixing machinery four categories.

Gas and low viscosity liquid mixer is characterized by simple structure, and no rotating parts, maintenance and inspection of small, low energy consumption. This kind of mixing machine is divided into four kinds of air mixing, pipeline mixing, jet mixing and forced circulation mixing.

Mixer accessories are mainly made of wear-resistant alloy materials, including high-speed mixing scraper, stirring wings, wear-resistant liner, mixing arm, mixing shovel, planetary shovel, stirring plow, stir bar,

Medium and high viscosity liquids and pastes have a strong shear effect.

Thermoplastic materials Mixing machinery is mainly used for thermoplastic materials (such as rubber and plastic) mixed with additives; powder, granular solid material mixing machinery for intermittent operation, including both mixing and grinding machinery, such as wheel rolling machine.

The moving parts of the mechanical stirrer also produce a shearing effect on the liquid during rotation, and the liquid is subjected to shearing action when flowing through the walls of the machine and the various fixing members installed in the container. These shearing actions cause many Local vortex diffusion.

For liquids with different densities, different compositions, immiscible liquids, agitation, and strong turbulence, the liquid with high density is shredded into small droplets and dispersed evenly into the main liquid. Common Mixer Type:

Common mixers are: plow knife mixer, ribbon mixer, no gravity mixer, V-type mixer, double helix cone mixer, high and low speed liquid mixer, planetary power mixer.

Mixer is the use of mechanical force and gravity will be two or more materials mixed evenly mechanical. Mixed machinery is widely used in chemical, agricultural, pharmaceutical, food, construction and other industrial production and daily life.

    Mixers can mix a wide range of materials together, such as in the pharmaceutical industry, the ingredients of different ingredients mixed together to form a compound; also can increase the surface area of the material to promote the chemical reaction; Physical changes to accelerate, such as granular solute by adding solvent, through the role of mixing machinery can be accelerated to dissolve the mixture evenly.

    In the daily life of the more commonly used mixed machinery is divided into gas and low viscosity liquid mixer, paste mixer, thermoplastic material mixer and granular solid material mixer four categories.

    Here mainly on the solid material mixer introduced.

    Powder, granular solid material mixer are mostly intermittent operation, the current market are V-type mixer, three-dimensional mixer and slot type mixer three models.