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Mixer Cylinder Structure

Sep 27, 2017

Mixer Cylinder structure

About the introduction of the mixer

 Mixers are generally used for the mixing of cohesive or cohesive granules and the addition of liquid and paste materials to the powder and granules. At the same time, due to the difficulty of cleaning the sticky material, it is suitable for occasions where the yield is large and the varieties are not changed frequently mixing.

   Mixer structure features: U-shaped containers, mixing blades and transmission components; U-shaped long body structure, to ensure that the mixed material (powder, semi-fluid) in the cylinder within the small resistance movement. The positive and negative rotating spokes are mounted on the same horizontal axis to form a low-power and efficient mixing environment. The blades are generally made of double or three layers. The outer spiral collects the material from both sides to the center. The central side of the two sides of the transport, the material can flow in the formation of more eddy currents. Speed up the mixing speed, improve the mixing uniformity;

   The discharge powder is made of pneumatic large open door structure, with the advantages of quick discharge and no residue. The high fineness material or semi-fluid material adopts manual butterfly valve or pneumatic butterfly valve. Can be configured to heat or cool the jacket. Heating methods are electric heating and heat conduction oil heating in two ways. Cooling process can be directly into the jacket into the cooling water, jacket heat transfer area, cooling speed. Small model mixer with reducer direct connection, simple structure, high reliability, easy maintenance. The large model mixer is driven by a pulley driven cycloid reducer, and the elastic connection of the belt drive has the advantage of protecting the transmission part when overloading.

   Applicable industry

  Used in pesticides, veterinary drugs, food, chemicals, biological, aquaculture, ceramics, refractories, plastics, compound fertilizer and other solid - solid (ie powder and powder) solid - pulp (ie powder and glue slurry) , But also particularly suitable for thick material mixing.

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Mixer of various types of different functions, so that you choose its performance more clearly, I hope to read the following 9 points:

1, the way out: manual, electric, pneumatic

2, the spindle seal: packing seal, packing + gas seal, mechanical seal

3, the form of mixer: two-way continuous, one-way continuous, two-way disconnect, one-way disconnect

4, drive: direct connection, split (belt / chain)

5, Mixer material: carbon steel, material contact stainless steel (SS304 / SS316), all stainless steel (SS304 / SS316), the internal coating.