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Mixer High Mixing Efficiency

Oct 19, 2017

Mixer High mixing efficiency

Cone-type mixer is generally used for pharmaceutical, chemical, food, building materials and other industries powder, granular material mixture. Application of a wide range of new mixers, mixing efficiency, no residue, no dead ends and easy to clean!

1. Suitable for the proportion of material disparity, powder particles quite large material;

2. Suitable for ceramic glaze mixing process is mild, the material particles will not be fed or broken;

3. The heat-sensitive materials will not produce overheating;

4. In the powder - powder mixing process, it is very convenient to add the conditions required for the liquid or set up to a number of spray mouth device;

5. The bottom of the dislocation valve easy to discharge, because the bottom of the screw without a fixed device, so there will be no pressure phenomenon.

The characteristics of the conical mixer

The mixing parts of the conical mixer are two asymmetric cantilever helixs, each of which is rotated around the axis of rotation (rotation) and also around the central axis of the conical container. By means of the rotation of the boom, The equipment through the spiral of the public, the rotation of the material repeatedly raised in the cone to produce shear, convection, diffusion and other complex movement, so as to achieve the purpose of mixing. Products can be designed according to the requirements of the outer jacket (heating, cooling), sprayer, widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, pesticide, dyes, building materials and other powder and powder mixture, reaction. Cone Mixer According to the process requirements can be added in the mixer barrel outside the jacket, through the injection of hot and cold media to the jacket to achieve the cooling or heating of the material; cooling generally pumped into industrial water, heating can be steam or electric heating Heat transfer oil.

1, cone-shaped cylinder to adapt to the mixed material without residual high demand. 2, soft mixing speed will not damage the fragile material.

3, the mixing of the cone mixer on the chemical reaction of the material have a better role. So how are these features reflected?

1, versatility - Horizontal mixer is now widely used, with all walks of life, the mixer is mainly mixed with different materials, such as cement, sand, gravel and so on.

2, practical - horizontal mixer in the mixed material when the acceleration of two or more objects between the surface contact, which can promote the chemical reaction between the two materials, but also a physical change The

3, the advantages of - Horizontal mixer can be two different materials are mixed with, and can be two completely different materials for fusion, so that the two materials can be interdependent with each other to increase the availability of materials.