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Mixer How To Operate The Mixer Correctly?

Jul 17, 2017

Mixer How to operate the mixer correctly?

How to operate the mixer correctly?

The use of hybrid machines is widely used in agriculture, construction industry, industry and so on. Agriculture is mainly applied to the mixing of pesticides in seeds, and the mixing of chemical fertilizer is more uniform. Construction main fluid mixing in a timely manner, as cement mortar, these things have to add water, stir to varying degrees of need to add water, it is dry, the application of fluid material mixing, chemical enterprise is an essential component of industry with more. In the pharmaceutical industry, mix ingredients of different ingredients together to form a compound; The surface area of the material can be increased to promote chemical reaction. It is also possible to accelerate physical changes, such as granular solutes added to solvents, which can be accelerated and dissolved by mixing machinery.

All mixed materials shall be evenly distributed when mixing. The degree of mixing is divided into three states: ideal mixing, random mixing and total immiscible. The mixing degree of various materials in the mixing machine depends on the proportion of the mixture, the physical state and the characteristics, the type of mixed machinery and the duration of the mixing operation.

Many users in powder, powder mixing equipment many choices of domestic original vertical cone mixing equipment, but experts suggest that there are many shortcomings due to the vertical cone mixer, repair rate is very high, so in powder/powder or granular materials mixed, should choose horizontal mixer, the mixing efficiency of the equipment are high, mixing of good quality and discharge time is short, less residue.

Mixing machine of our country's market potential is very big, big to foreign enterprises also want to eat the cake, compared with foreign enterprises mixing machine manufacturing there exists a gap in our country, of course, there are certain advantages, in short if you want to compete with foreign enterprises or need technical support, innovation is the soul of enterprise.

As a sunrise industry, the development space of the hybrid machinery industry is undoubtedly huge. Under national policy support, the mixing machine of our country mechanical industry is put in very big development space, mixer machinery industry should seize this historic opportunity, prepared on the basis of digesting and absorbing re-innovation, speed up the pace of large key equipment.

So how do you use a blender properly?

1. For the preparation of additive premix, the mixing method shall be carried out in accordance with the mixing of the amount of the mixture to the medium and the quantity of mixing.

The correct material addition sequence should be: the component with a larger proportion should be added first or most of the adding machine, then add a small amount and a small amount of components to it; In all kinds of materials, the larger components are usually added to the mixing machine, then the smaller ones are added. When the proportion of materials between materials is relatively large, it is generally used to first add the small amount of materials and then add more than the material.

2. For the fixed container mixer, the mixer should be started before adding material to prevent the full load starting, and the machine can be stopped after discharging. The rotating container mixer should be loaded before starting and then unloaded. For the v-type mixer, the feeding time shall be made from two feeding ports.

To take steps to reduce other factors on the completed mixed material mixing uniformity: the influence of the mixed material best immediately pressed into grain, make the material components of fixed in particles or bag packaging directly; Avoid or minimize the transfer and drop of mixed materials; To minimize the amount of loading and unloading work; Minimize the drop, roll or slide of materials; After mixing, the storage warehouse should be as small as possible, preferably with a belt conveyor.

3, in order to ensure the quality of mixed, should be regularly test the performance of the mixer, often add lubricant to the bearing and the shaft joint activity, loss of timely maintenance and replacement parts, according to the results of sampling uniformity to correctly determine the best mixing time. Frequently check the operation of each switch, clean the inside of the machine, remove the remaining material around the door switch, make the door switch flexible,