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Mixer Keep Clean And Sensitive

Sep 06, 2017

Mixer Keep clean and sensitive

Groove Mixer Machine Maintenance and Repair

1 often used, the reducer must be replaced every three months a new oil, the replacement should be re-cleaning machine with new oil.

2 parts of the monthly inspection 1-2 times a month, check the site for the worm, worm, bearings, oil seal, the operation part of the flexible, fasteners are loose, found abnormal situation should be promptly handled.

3 in the course of the use, such as the discovery of abnormal vibration or abnormal sound, should immediately stop checking.

4 electrical control parts should be kept clean and sensitive, found that failure should be promptly repaired.

5 mixing slurry assembly and disassembly should be light, stable, light, so as to avoid deformation damage.

6 after the end of the use of the machine should brush the various parts of the machine residual material, disable a long time, the machine must be wiped clean, the surface of the machine coated with anti-rust oil,

The mixing machine is a machine in which two or more kinds of materials are uniformly mixed by mechanical force and gravity. Hybrid machinery is widely used in all kinds of industrial and daily life. Mixing machinery can mix a variety of materials into a uniform mixture, such as cement, sand, gravel and water mixed into concrete wet material; also can increase the material contact surface area to promote chemical reactions; also can accelerate the physical changes, such as granular Solute by adding solvent, through the role of mixing machinery can accelerate the dissolution of mixing. Commonly used mixed machinery is divided into gas and low viscosity liquid mixer, medium and high viscosity liquid and paste mixture machinery, thermoplastic material mixer, powder and granular solid material mixing machinery four categories. Gas and low viscosity liquid mixing machine is characterized by simple structure, and no rotating parts, maintenance and inspection of small, low energy consumption. This kind of mixing machine is divided into four kinds of air mixing, pipeline mixing, jet mixing and forced circulation mixing. Medium and high viscosity liquid and paste mixture machinery, generally have a strong shear effect; thermoplastic material mixer is mainly used for thermoplastic materials (such as rubber and plastic) and additives mixed; powder, granular solid material mixing machinery and more For intermittent operation, also includes both the mixing and grinding of machinery, such as wheel rolling machine. Mixing requires all material to participate in the mixed distribution evenly. The degree of mixing is divided into ideal mixing, random mixing and completely unmixed three states. The degree of mixing of the various materials in the mixing machine depends on the proportion of the material to be mixed, the physical state and characteristics, and the type of mixing machine used and the duration of the mixing operation. Liquid mixing mainly by mechanical agitator, air flow and the liquid to be mixed with the liquid, so that the material to be mixed to be stirred to achieve uniform mixing. Agitation causes some of the liquid to flow, and the liquid flows in advance to promote the liquid around it. As a result, a circulating flow is formed in the reservoir, and the resulting diffusion between the liquids is called the bulk convection diffusion. When the flow rate of the liquid caused by agitation is high, a shear effect occurs at the interface between the high-speed liquid stream and the surrounding low-speed liquid stream, resulting in a large number of local vortices. These vortices quickly spread to the surrounding, and more liquid into the whirlpool, in a small range of the formation of the disorder convection diffusion known as the vortex diffusion.