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Mixer Mix Air Permeability

Oct 11, 2017

Mixer Mix air permeability

It is an effective measure to raise the yield of sintering machine, improve the quality of sinter, and reduce the energy consumption of sintering. The principle of using a mixer to create a ball is the mixing of the ball in the mixer. In the mixing machine, the mixture is rolled into a ball on the other hand and the ball of the ball is to be subjected to the mixing material in the mixing machine. The impact of the rolling impact, the rolling friction damage, and the fall and fall of the ball are destroyed. If the mixer process parameters and the liner design are not reasonable, the mixture will not only roll but also slide and unload in the mixer. The sliding and unloading process of the mixture in the mixing machine can't make the ball, and it can damage the small ball in the mixture. The hybrid optimization design revolves around how to extend the rolling distance of the mixture in the mixer, reducing the impact, friction, sliding and unloading of the mixture in the mixer. The development of hybrid granulation technology is:

1. Optimization of process parameters such as mixing speed, inclination and filling rate.

2. Nylon liner with decorative pattern inside the mixer. The main purpose of the nylon lining with pattern is to improve the effect of ball making. Before mixing machine with feed plate plate, the plate for feed plate, on the one hand, reduces the diameter mixer and effective work, on the other hand feed plate and materials at work, make the mixture in the mixer formed in the fall, adverse to the pelletizing. In order to solve this problem, the nylon lining board with pattern is developed, the lining board is based on the pattern on the lining board, forming a certain thickness of material abrasive lining, and forming a certain friction force for the mixture. The mixture is brought to a certain height by the friction force during the work of the mixer, so that the mixing material can form the rolling of the rules in the mixer, which is very good for the mixing material.

How to choose the right mixer

1. Select a variety of different specifications based on the amount of production per day. Because mix machining time takes about 10 minutes per batch material, plus feed and discharge time, each batch of material processing time can be calculated according to the 15 minutes, 1 hour and can continuously processing 4 batch of material.

2. According to the working principle of horizontal spiral ribbon mixer, the ability to push the material in the opposite direction of mixing double helix is basically the same. Because the spiral belt pitch ratio of spiral with small, in order to push the material, the ability of inner spiral belt pitch than outer spiral belt, and the width is bigger than outer spiral belt, otherwise will make material to concentrate in one direction. So be aware of this when choosing a horizontal mixer.

3. According to the design principle, the gap between the spiral belt and the shell between the spiral belt and the shell is 4mm ~ 10mm. The material can be driven by the friction force to participate in the mixing. However, because the particle size and the friction coefficient of materials are different, the materials of various components can be mixed in different time, so that the product is not uniform.

4. The use of horizontal spiral ribbon mixer should be used to pay attention to the order of feeding. It is usually first cast, such as cornmeal, soybean meal, etc., and then subgroup, such as premix. Note that the premix can not be used for screw lifting machine, and the application of a disposable bucket type feeding, or artificial feeding, can avoid the separation and loss of active ingredients in premixed materials.