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Mixer Mixed Equipment Type

Jul 03, 2017

Mixer Mixed equipment type

The mixing device utilizes the different structures of the various mixing devices to create relative movements between the powder materials, constantly changing their relative positions, and constantly overcoming the tendency of material delamination due to differences in the object. There are a wide variety of mixing equipment for solid powder granules, which are divided into three categories: container rotary type, container type and compound type.

1, container rotation type

In the pharmaceutical industry production, the container rotary type has V-type, double cone, three-dimensional movement (multi-directional mixing), square cone hopper, and other mixer. In addition to square cone hopper and large-capacity three-dimensional motion mixer, the hybrid equipment generally applicable to more varieties, small batch production.

Container Rotary Mixer Features:

(1) when mixed with a mixture of friction material, the mixing effect is good;

(2) when the mixed flow is good, similar physical properties of mixed materials, you can get a better mixing effect;

(3) For easy mixing of condensed and attached materials, it is necessary to install a forced stirring blade or a diffuser plate in the mixing equipment.

Container Rotary Mixer Disadvantages:

(1) large-capacity mixer covers an area of relatively large, need to have a solid foundation;

(2) the loading factor is small, the mixed material and the container at the same time rotation to the overall mixing, so the rotary type than the fixed type of energy required;

(3) the need for special equipment for positioning or parking;

(4) when the mixture material material gap is large, generally can not get the ideal mixture;

(5) Compared with the fixed type, the rotary type of noise is relatively large.

2, container fixed type

In the pharmaceutical industry production, the container fixed type slotted (horizontal ribbon), vertical ribbon, planetary cone (double helix cone) and air mixing and so on. This type of mixing equipment is generally suitable for mass production, in addition to the company's agent Bolz-Summix cone screw mixer (its internal characteristics of the structure can be applied to the production of sterile products) and air mixing, the other types of application in the pharmaceutical industry less The

Container fixed type mixer Features:

(1) on the coagulation, adhesion of a strong mixture of materials have a good adaptability;

(2) when the difference between the mixed material is large, the effect on the mixed state is small;

(3) mixing of the liquid and the mixing of the wet agglomerate material;

(4) load factor, energy consumption is relatively small.

Containers Fixed Mixer Disadvantages: (except Bolz-Summix Cone Screw Mixer and Air Stirring):

(1) mixed container type is generally difficult to thoroughly clean, easy to meet the batch cleaning requirements;

(2) Horizontal mixed container type discharge is generally not clean;

(3) equipped with high-speed rotor models, the brittle material has a tendency to re-crushing, easy to make the material temperature.