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Mixer Mixing Cylinder Design

Sep 18, 2017

Mixer Mixing cylinder design

Mixers can be a variety of materials with a uniform mixture, such as cement, sand, gravel and water mixed into concrete wet material. It can also increase the surface area of the material to promote the chemical reaction. But also to accelerate the physical changes, such as granular solute to join the solvent, through the role of mixing machinery can accelerate the mixing, mixer is a wide range of pharmaceutical, chemical, food, light industry and scientific research units of the new material mixer, the The performance is very uniform mixing flow performance of good powder or granular material, so that the mixed material to achieve the best results, the following we take a look at the characteristics of the mixer and need to pay attention to matters.

First of all we should be able to see the characteristics of the mixer:

1, mixing machine mixer design unique, the body wall through the precision polishing, no dead ends, do not pollute the material, the material in the material under the action of self-weight smooth material, leaving no residual material, with no pollution, easy to discharge, no product Easy to clean and so on.

2, small vibration, low noise, the station adjustable, easy installation and maintenance, long service life.

3, because the mixture has a multi-directional movement, so that the mixing of the material within the cylinder, the mixing effect is significant, the mixing uniformity is higher than the average mixer uniformity, the uniformity of drug content error is lower than the general mixer , While the maximum volume of the mixer than the general maximum volume of the mixer for the total volume of 40% of the body to be more than doubled up to 85%.

4, the material in a closed state of mixing, the working environment will not produce pollution.

5, low height, small rotating space, construction (technology sandwich) generally do not need to die million years, the penalty area to less.

Here to introduce the mixer Note:

1, in the equipment, unloading, the mixer must be shut down to prevent electrical failure, resulting in unnecessary accidents;

2, the mixer is a mixture of space mixing, in the effective range of the material within the scope of safety barrier, in order to avoid life safety accidents;

3, before the boot, the cylinder should not stand before to avoid accidents.