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Mixer Mixing Machine Maintenance Procedures

Aug 12, 2017

Mixer Mixing machine maintenance procedures

Mixing machine maintenance procedures

First, the safety regulations

1, the mixer transmission chain protection cover to be intact, to prevent people from touching the chain of work personal injury accident.

2, the motor base fastening bolts to regular inspection, the basis should have enough steel to prevent the chain loose due to loose and fall off, resulting in transmission failure.

3, the machine to check, repair, maintenance, you must cut off the power and hang signs.

4, in the process of running the machine is strictly prohibited hands or other tools into the machine.

5, only in the machine completely stopped before the machine to clean up, check.

6, cable, wire should be protective casing.

Second, maintenance procedures

1, during the operation, each class at least check the compressed air pipe is leaked, and the discharge of oil and water separation of three pieces of water in the water.

2, once a week to check the discharge gate is leakage material, seal is damaged, when closing the discharge link mechanism is in the dead position.

3, weekly cleaning the bucket bucket attached to the residual material 1 times.

4, every month with a diesel scrub 1 drive chain, sprocket, and to the chain sprocket refresh the oil.

5, once a month to clean the nozzle, while cleaning the inner wall of the mixer and the remaining material attached to the cover.

6, the monthly determination of a mixer outlet and finished packaging port of the coefficient of variation, the coefficient of variation should be selected the shortest mixing time of the product.

Third, maintenance procedures

Minor repair

The micrometer is done once every six months, including the following

1, check the motor connection box wire connection is loose.

2, clean up the mixture and the bucket bucket attached to the residual material.

3, clean up the oil and water separation triple, to ensure smooth air.

4, check the discharge link mechanism of the hinge point of the pin wear, replace the wear and tear of the pin to ensure that the operation of the link mechanism of reliability and stability.

5, replace the unloading door seal, check the switch door limit stroke reliability and adjust its position, to ensure that the discharge door sealing.

6, check the transmission chain tightness, the motor seat fastening, adjust the chain tension wheel or motor base to maintain the appropriate tension of the chain.

7, replace the reducer grease.