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Notices To Pay Attention To When Purchasing Capsules Counting Packing Machine

Jun 05, 2019

Notices to pay attention to when purchasing capsules counting packing machine

Capsules electronic counting packing machine adopts advanced technology of vibration multi-channel cutting, computer control, dynamic scanning counting, system self-inspection, fault indication alarm, automatic shutdown and so on. It is designed according to GMP standard. It is a high-tech drug counting and filling equipment integrating optoelectronics and electronics. It can be widely used in fast counting and bottling of tablets, capsules, pills, transparent soft capsules of various shapes and sizes. The accuracy of counting and bottling has reached the advanced level of similar products at home and abroad.


So how can we choose the best equipment to satisfy ourselves? What are the problems we should pay attention to? Now let's get to know it.


1. First, the necessary condition of the capsules counting machine is accurate and reliable. Generally, there are four links that affect the final filling accuracy of the counting machine. One is the photoelectric sensor, the other is the warehousing mechanism, the third is the discharge port, and the fourth is the bottle-walking mechanism. The equipment should adopt high dust resistance sensing technology, which can ensure the continuous and reliable counting work even under the condition of long time and high speed operation. Secondly, the design and manufacture of institutions themselves should be scientific, reasonable and reliable. At the same time, the working status of institutions must be monitored in a comprehensive and real-time manner. Once abnormalities are found, alarms should be given in time and corresponding actions should be carried out.


2. Applicability of tablet and pill counting machine: There are many kinds of materials, so we should choose counting machine which can be compatible with tablets (including all kinds of special-shaped tablets), capsules (including transparent, opaque soft and hard capsules), pills (soft and hard) as far as possible. At the same time, we can flexibly adjust the packaging bottles adapted to different specifications, so that a production line can be suitable for different granules, so as to reduce the number of purchasing equipment. Quantity, cost saving and workshop space.


3. Safety of capsules counting machine: including the safety of operation in packaging process and the protection of drug quality. In addition to the selection of appropriate safety materials, the protection of drug quality should ensure that no damage to drugs is caused in the counting process, requiring rational equipment, drug delivery agencies and warehousing agencies.


4. The operability of the capsules counting machine: This requires that the counting machine should sufficiently adapt to the current situation of the operators and maintenance personnel in the pharmaceutical factory, and be easy to adjust, operate and clean. For example, the operation panel of the electronic counting machine is better to use touch screen, which can realize all advanced functions such as digital adjustment of working parameters, multi-group parameter storage, system self-check, working status indication, fault alarm and so on.

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