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Operation Instructions Of Powder Tablet Press Machine

Feb 12, 2020

Operation instructions of powder tablet press machine


1. Before use, it is necessary to check the quality of the die repeatedly to see if there is any missing edge, crack, deformation, incomplete tightness, and whether the device is complete and in good condition.

2. Check whether the powder of particle raw material is dry and the powder content in the particle should not exceed 10%. If unqualified, do not press hard, otherwise it will affect the normal operation and service life of the machine and the loss of raw materials.

3. In the first trial run, the pressure regulator shall be well controlled, the powder shall be poured into the hopper, the hand wheel of the trial run shall be turned by hand, the filling and pressure shall be adjusted at the same time, and the weight, hardness and softness of the tablet shall be gradually increased to meet the requirements of the finished product. Then, the motor shall be started first, and then the clutch shall be opened for formal operation and production. In the production process, the quality of the tablet shall be inspected regularly to see if it meets the requirements, which is necessary Adjust it.

4. The choice of speed has a direct impact on the service life of the machine. Because the property viscosity of raw materials, the size and pressure of the sheet diameter cannot be uniformly specified in use, the structure CVT device of the machine is suitable for pressing minerals, phytochrome, sheet diameter, viscosity difference and other materials that are difficult to form quickly and slowly. Fast for pressing and bonding, smooth and easy to form materials. Therefore, the user must depend on the actual situation.

5. The management personnel must be familiar with the technical performance, internal structure of the machine, the use principle of the control mechanism and the working place shall not be opened during operation. In order to prevent the damage of the machine parts due to failure, the premise is to ensure safe production.

6. In use, always pay attention to whether the noise of the machine is normal. In case of screams and strange sounds, stop the machine to check and eliminate them. Do not use it reluctantly.

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