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Operation Method Of Guangdong Rich Packing Triangle Bag Packing Machine

Mar 03, 2018

Operation method of guangdong rich packing triangle bag packing machine


1. Starting order of guangdong rich packing triangle bag packaging machine:

The point action packing machine tries to run. Turn the feed clutch handle to the disconnecting mark. No abnormal start machine running.

1. Adjust the stepless governor to the slowest position.

According to wear after 2, downtime film packaging material along the former diagram steps to longitudinal sealing mould, sealing, at release paper clutch, with the right hand with his left hand pull membrane to paper round, on paper the clutch.

3. Start the packaging mechanism empty bag, check its sealing quality.

4. Combine the upper and lower material handle to observe whether the feeding time is correct.

5. Pour a small amount of material into the bucket, start the packaging machine, test the finished product, and check whether the packing weight meets the requirements.

6. All the above preparations shall be completed before the batch production of finished products can be carried out.


2. The sequence of stops for the packaging machine of ruiqi triangle bag in guangdong:

Disconnect the material clutch: press the stop button to shut down the main power switch, clean and clean.