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How pharmaceutical companies can choose and purchase tablet presses correctly

Nov 10, 2020

The tablet press machine is the key equipment in the production of solid preparation, so it is very important to select a suitable tablet press. A tablet press is an important investment and must be fully considered before purchasing. The following article introduces the main characteristics and relationship among the tablet press, particle and punching die, which can also remove some of your purchase concerns.

deciding which type of tablet press machine to buy may become a difficult problem for you, such as facing different brands, different models and specifications of equipment, you may be helpless. Instead of buying a tablet press blindly immediately, consider the following elements before you decide.

First of all, you must carefully analyze your production situation, the purchased tablet press machine not only to meet the production output, but also suitable for the film. These factors will play an important role in your selection of the most suitable tablet press. It is also important for you to understand the components and relationships of the whole sheet production process. In addition, you can also grasp some of the previous understanding of the tablet press, so as to overcome these difficulties.

Three important components of sheet press production process: sheet press, particle, die

The tablet press is the core part of sheet production, but it does not work independently. If the mold and particles are not considered, the whole pressing process will be incomplete and they will interact.