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Packaging Paper And Application Of Cartoning Machine

Aug 31, 2020

The paper used in the box of the cartoning machine determines the appearance and quality of the packaged product to a large extent, and the appearance and quality will affect the sales of the product and the brand of the company to a large extent. Therefore, manufacturers generally have very high requirements when choosing paper for the packaging of the cartoning machine.

    In terms of materials used for cartons, cardboard is the main force. Generally, paper with a basis weight of more than 200gsm or a thickness of more than 0.3mm is called cardboard. The raw material of cardboard is basically the same as that of paper. Due to its high strength and easy folding characteristics, it has become the main production paper for packaging cartons. There are many types of cardboard, and the thickness is generally between 0.3 and 1.1 mm. Common cartoning machine packaging paper is white cardboard of 200 to 400 grams per square meter, which is made of chemical pulp and high-grade pulp, such as ordinary white cardboard and kraft pulp. There is also a white cardboard made entirely of chemical pulp, also known as high-grade whiteboard. This kind of white paperboard is usually manufactured by a special paper machine, filled with fillers inside the pulp. The advantage of this kind of white cardboard as the packaging paper for the cartoning machine is that it has excellent toughness, and its tension and gloss have reached the qualified line of the paper for cartoning machines.

    In addition, this kind of white paperboard is made by special papermaking technology, so after the packaging is completed, it can also be processed for secondary printing, to get a very exquisite appearance without affecting the overall packaging quality, and has a very high commercial Value and craft value.

    In addition to high efficiency and high automation and intelligence, the functions of the pharmaceutical industry demand cartoning machines also require anti-counterfeiting problems that most industries must face. The anti-counterfeiting of drugs can be said to be very important.

    At this stage, the anti-counterfeiting function of the cartoning machine is mainly reflected in the packaging itself. In the past, the packaging of medicines was mostly in a tongue-in-and-out mode, that is, the product can be obtained by opening the top of the box. However, the current cartoning machine mostly uses the glue box mode. This bonding method has good sealing properties and is suitable for automatic machine production. Once it is disassembled, it cannot be reused. This makes it necessary to tear up the entire package to take out the medicine. This is a good effect for the anti-counterfeiting of medicines.