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Packing Principle Of Blister Packaging Machine

Mar 05, 2021

The pharmaceutical blister packaging machine can inhibit PTP (direct pressure packaging), which is literally translated as "package" by pressure, which is to heat the plastic sheet to soften it and place it in the mold. It is molded by vacuum blister, compressed air blow molding or molding methods. Blister, after the medicine is made into a blister, it is coated with a viscous medicine covering material under certain temperature and pressure conditions for heat sealing, thereby forming a blister package. PTP technology is suitable for the mechanical packaging of solid preparations such as tablets, capsules, suppositories, and pills. It has become the mainstream of China's solid preparation packaging, and its development momentum will continue. At present, blister packaging machines are gradually being used for packaging such as ampoules, bottles and syringes.

Drug use will inhibit PTP packaging, and the content is clearly visible. The surface of the covering material can be printed with unique and easily recognizable patterns, trademark titles, etc., and the packaging material has certain barrier properties, light weight, certain strength, and slightly higher pressure It is crushed during use to make it convenient to take and easy to carry. Therefore, this kind of packaging has been widely used in the medical field.