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Pill & Tablet Coating Machine Working Principle

Jun 01, 2017

RK-500 multi-functional plaster coating machine works its principle, pressure-sensitive adhesive transfer coating method, by dissolving the plaster glue dissolved, and traditional Chinese medicine powder or western medicine dissolved, put in the next hopper, through the molding of the shaft and Under the case of constant temperature, the lower shaft is applied to the anti-sticking paper, and then cooled by a nonwoven fabric or spunlace cloth.

Principle Use Edit

Through die-cutting, a variety of patch. Can be processed traditional black plaster, a new lead-free hot melt adhesive plaster, Babu paste, a machine more use.

Technical specifications editor

Paste paste coating length 3.9 meters * width 0.9 meters * 1.2 meters high

Power supply: 220V

Power: winding, 180W stepless speed motor

Cooling, 70W * 4

Heating, 2400W

Main structure editor

1. Anti-sticking paper, non-woven suspension device

By the suspension bracket and optical axis and block the composition of the block, adjust: calculate the distance between the middle of the two carriages, the paper will be hanging in the middle.

2. Heating device

Upper shaft, lower shaft, cutting, with heating thermostat. Adjustment: adjust the thermostat up and down keys.

3. Traction device

Traction by the 180W stepless speed motor control, by the active transmission and passive transmission components, regulation: by adjusting the M8 top wire will be anti-sticking paper and non-woven fabrics fixed between the four traction wheel, must be centered.

4, coating thickness adjustment

Adjust the thickness by adjusting the upper and lower final M8 top wire.

5, the coating width adjustment

Adjust the width of the coating by adjusting the lower hopper feed control board.