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Pillow Packaging Machine Automatic Continuous Contraction

Jun 16, 2017

Pillow Packaging Machine Automatic continuous contraction

Pillow-type packaging machine is the latest domestic automatic continuous shrink packaging equipment, the use of ordinary electric heating wire, which is characterized by warm, good stability, low maintenance costs, shrink temperature and motor speed stable and adjustable, And a wide range of adjustment; original roller rotation device, can work continuously. So the shrinking machine with advanced design, stable and reliable performance, energy efficient, good contraction effect, the structure of new and beautiful, easy operation and maintenance features, can be applied to any shrink film shrink packaging. Than the previous shrink machine performance better, better packaging, ease of use.

Working principle editor

Pillow-type packaging machine is a packaging capacity is very strong, and can be suitable for a variety of specifications for food and non-food packaging continuous packaging machine. It can be used not only for the packaging of non-trademarked packaging materials, but also for high-speed packaging using roll material pre-printed with a logo pattern. In the production of packaging, due to packaging materials printed on the positioning between the color error, packaging materials, stretching and mechanical transmission and other factors, the packaging material on the scheduled sealing and cutting parts may deviate from the correct location, resulting in error. In order to eliminate the error and achieve the purpose of correct sealing and sealing, packaging design must consider the automatic positioning problem, to solve this problem is based on the positioning of packaging materials to complete the continuous photoelectric automatic positioning system design. The continuous optoelectronic positioning system according to the error compensation work is divided into advance and retreat, brake and two drive system synchronization.

Structural features editor

1) dual inverter control, bag length that is set to cut, no need to adjust the empty walk, step in place, save time and film.

2) text-type man-machine interface, parameter setting convenient and quick.

3) fault self-diagnosis function, fault display at a glance.

4) high sensitivity photoelectric eye color tracking, so that the sealing and cutting position more accurate.

5) temperature independent PID control, better suited for a variety of material coating.

6) positioning stop function, non-stick knife, no film.

7) drive system is simple, more reliable, more convenient maintenance.

8) all control by the software to facilitate the functional adjustment and technical upgrades, never backward.

Scope of application editing

Suitable for the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, daily necessities, disposable supplies, metal products, plastic products, toys stationery, industrial supplies, industrial parts, auto parts.

Select model editing

Product: [(length x 2) + (high x 2)] + 30mm = film width

Product size calculation results can not be greater than the model of the film width.

Pillow packaging machine factory packaging: packing with wooden box

Wooden box size parameters are: front box - length and width: 1390x840x1520

Tail box - length and width: 2560x550x350