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Please Note The Use Of The Western Medicine Tablet

May 11, 2017

Please note the use of the western medicine tablet

Tablet press is one of the most important equipment in the pharmaceutical industry, guangdong rich packaging machinery co., LTD., focusing on this field, provide reliable tablet press for pharmaceutical factory. In the use of the tablet machine, the condition is inevitable, but it can be solved in the right way.  

Before the first use of the western medicine tablet, you should read the manual carefully before using it. 

The machine can only be operated in a certain direction (see the arrowhead on the handwheel or guard hood) and not be reversed to avoid damage to the machine. Be careful not to be negligent in the adjustment of the tablet. 

The belt loosen adjustment: the two regulating nuts on the mechanical and electrical floor are adjusted. Note that the lock is tight after adjusting. 

Electrical pressure plates should be raised before starting up before starting. If in the case of impact in the down position on the start, just beginning to start into the mold piece, at this time due to the speed of the machine is not up and inertia is small, easy to happen and cars. (that is, into the upper punch die after due to the resistance of pills "death", make the machine stopped running, top car due to large load, often attaint parts or burning motor). 

Guangdong rich packaging machinery co., LTD. Produces the zp-25 rotary press, which is a three-layer tablet press, which is used to press the granulated material into a tablet. Of tablets it is mainly used in food, chemical industry production, suitable for suppression of double pieces, three pieces and difficult forming large pieces of tablet production, at the same time suitable for electronics, ceramics and other industrial sectors. According to ordering requirement, can be able to suppress round slice, foreign film, double-sided engraving. The machine is also called the smurf tablet. Its speed is variable frequency speed adjustment, can adjust arbitrarily. Do not stop to finish the test, adjust the work. The filling requirement of crushing block is met by forced loading. All controllers and operating parts are reasonable and convenient to operate. High pressure, overpressure stop, steady rotation, stable performance, safety and accuracy, avoid machine damage. It is suitable to suppress all kinds of large tablets and difficult forming tablets. External dust removal device can absorb dust from the indoor air.