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Possible Problems And Solutions In The Operation Of Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

May 09, 2020

Possible problems and solutions in the operation of automatic capsule filling machine


The automatic capsule filling machine can be divided into intermittent motion and continuous motion according to the motion state. Taking intermittent sport filling machine as an example, its filling station will have a significant influence on the filling quality of capsules. For example, the fourth station is a non-pressure volumetric small particle filling device. In the process of GMP equipment verification, conditions should be created to verify from two aspects: on the one hand, the volume error of the parallel silos, as well as the consistency of the volume and volume changes of the silos in the process of production debugging; On the other hand, the physical properties of particles, such as particle fluidity, particle size distribution, viscosity, weight, roundness, etc.


In addition to the influence of the station on the filling quality of the capsule filling machine, the fault of the automatic capsule filling machine is not excluded. Capsule manufacturers will more or less encounter the following situations when using the automatic capsule filling machine for production, such as the capsule shell can not be separated; The head and tail of the capsule recessed; Capsule scraping and splitting; The loading quantity is too different; The finished product exit, the lock place, eliminates the waste bag place the bearing is blocked and so on.

When it comes to the above situation of capsule filling, the equipment operator can provide targeted solutions or contact the equipment manufacturer to ensure the safe production of capsules. Take the capsule head and tail concave, for example, if this kind of situation, guangdong ruiqi technicians said, one is the capsule itself has a problem, the replacement of the shell can be solved. In addition, the operator can see if the height of the thimble needs to be adjusted to increase the force area of the capsule.

The characteristics of the capsule machine such as hole-plug filling, intermittent operation and variable frequency speed regulation make it suitable for capsule sowing, capsule splitting, filling, (waste capsule elimination) capsule locking and finished product output of powder or pellet capsules, etc., and it has the characteristics of automation. It is worth mentioning that the machine is also equipped with safety protection devices for people and machines, computer control, stepless variable speed regulation, digital display also makes it more convenient for customers to operate the equipment.

In addition, the njp-1500d full-automatic capsule filling machine produced by guangdong ruiqi is compact in structure, small in volume and fully sealed, which can ensure that the product is not contaminated by lubricating oil and meets the requirements of GMP. According to the enterprise personnel, "the machine module through the double-sided CAM to achieve one-way linear movement, smooth operation, stability, low maintenance cost, can achieve a real sense of sealing, complete product pollution, to ensure quality and safety.