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Possible Problems In Icing And How To Deal With Them

Jan 11, 2018

Possible problems in icing and how to deal with them

(1) color unevenness or spots: the reason is that too little colored syrup without mixing, coating when the drying temperature is too high, the sugar crystal precipitation caused by excessive one-sided rough coat is wet; polishing; soluble pigment in the drying process of "migration"; traditional Chinese medicine tablets due to damp discoloration. Treatment: "thicken the coat" or "deepen the color"".

(2) shelling: the reason is that the core itself is not dry; when the coating is not timely and fully dried, the moisture enters the chip; the expansion coefficient of the coat and tablet is different. Treatment method: in addition to the drying of coated tablets, when coating, strictly control the amount and speed of feeding, pay attention to drying temperature and extent. If the shelling is found, the coating is washed and re coated.

(3): the reason is that the crack one-sided syrup and talc dosage improper; high temperature fast drying, the sugar crystal precipitation have one-sided crack; carbonate reaction of carbon dioxide with acidic drugs in talc powder, or sugar pill too dry. Treatment method: control the dosage of syrup and talc, drying temperature and drying degree, use talc without carbonate, and pay attention to storage temperature.

(4) and the rough edges exposed: because the coating material dosage is improper, the temperature is too high or hair prematurely; heart shape is not good, the edge is too thick; the coating pan angle is too small, the film fall too fast in the pot, the collision rolling angular part of syrup, talcum powder distribution less. Processing method: adjust the amount of syrup with uniform wetting of the powder to the one-sided, in a one-sided uniform adhesion layer is appropriate; on the surface of the tablet does not see the water again when the hair, avoid too dry, or even wrinkle phenomenon; adjust clothing pot to the best point of view; not serious to package edges exposed several layers of powder the coat layer, tightly wrapped so far.

(5) sticky Pan: the reason is that the syrup is excessive or the mixture is not uniform. It is more likely to happen when the pot temperature is lower. Treatment method: coating operation should be stirred evenly, syrup concentration should be constant, appropriate dosage, pot temperature should not be too low.

(6) syrup nonstick: because the pot wall waxing not divisible; early operation in electric furnace; the coating pan installation angle is too small. Treatment method: wash the wall wax powder; use blowing hot air, electric furnace low temperature and other methods to make the film and pot wall uniform heating up; appropriate adjustment coating pot angle.

(7) beat not only won't polish: the reason is that the one-sided sugar crystal and the rough; polished tablets too dry or too wet; damp, excessive amount of wax powder. Treatment method: control the coating condition, adjust the dry humidity and the amount of wax powder.