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Precautions For The Use Of Tablet Press Machine

Jul 22, 2020

Precautions for the use of tablet press machine

1. Before use, check the quality of the die repeatedly, whether there are missing edges, cracks, deformation, tightness and looseness, and whether the device is in good condition.

2. Check whether the powder of the granule material is dry and the powder content in the granule should not exceed 10%. If it is unqualified, do not press hard, otherwise it will affect the 

normal operation of the machine and its service life and material loss.

3. For the first test run, place the indicator needle controlled by the pressure regulator on 6, pour the powder into the bucket, turn the test run handwheel by hand, adjust the filling and 

pressure at the same time, and gradually increase the weight and hardness of the tablet. For finished product requirements, first turn on the motor, then turn on the clutch, and start 

production. During the production process, the quality of the tablets must be checked regularly to see if it meets the requirements and adjust if necessary.

4. The choice of speed has a direct impact on the service life of the machine. Due to the nature of the raw materials, the viscosity, the size and the pressure of the sheet can not be 

uniformly stipulated in the use, the structure of the machine is a continuously variable speed device, and the slow speed is suitable for compressing minerals, Plant herbaceous material, 

large sheet diameter, poor viscosity, etc. and materials that are fast and difficult to form. It is fast and suitable for pressing and bonding, with good lubricity and easy molding 

materials. Therefore, the user must decide according to the actual situation.

5. The management personnel must be familiar with the technical performance, internal structure, use principle of the control mechanism and not leave the work place during operation, in 

order to prevent malfunctions and damage the machine parts, so as to ensure safe production as the premise.

6. In use, pay attention to whether the sound of the machine is normal at all times, stop when there are screams and strange noises, check and eliminate them, and do not use it forcefully. 

7. Do not remove the protective cover, safety cover and other devices on the machinery and equipment, and install them properly when using.

8. The die needs to undergo strict flaw detection tests and appearance inspections, without cracks, deformations, missing edges, appropriate hardness and accurate dimensions. If it is 

unqualified, do not use it to avoid serious damage to the machine.

9. The feeding device is flat with the turntable, and the height is accurate. If it is high, it will cause powder leakage, and if it is low, there will be copper scraps that will affect the 

quality of the tablet.

10. Do not use raw materials with a lot of fine powder, because it will cause more fly powder in the upper punch and more leakage in the lower punch, which will affect the wear of the parts 

and the loss of raw materials.

11. Do not use non-drying raw materials, because it will stick the powder on the punch surface

12. If there is a film jumping or stagnant during operation, it must not be taken by hand to avoid injury to hands.

13. When driving, the motor should be turned on first, and then the clutch should be turned on after it runs normally.

14. If the machine is found to vibrate abnormally or abnormal noise occurs during use, stop and check immediately.

15. The medium voltage should not be too large. Generally, it is measured by the load of the motor. It is normal that the heavy-duty current of a 380 volt motor is not more than 4 amperes 

when the sheet is pressed.

16. The difference in tablet weight increases. In the process of adding tablets, the weight difference cannot exceed the limit specified in the pharmacopoeia to be qualified. However, in 

the process of tableting, it is often found that the difference in tablet weight increases. The reasons and treatment are as follows:

(1) The length of the punches is uneven, which will easily cause the difference in film weight to increase. Therefore, use a caliper to check each punch before using it. If there is an 

individual decrease, the undershooting movement may fail, resulting in a larger filling volume of particles. Others are few, and individual undershoots should be checked to remove 


(2) The height of the feeding hopper is incorrect, which can cause the particles in one feeding hopper to fall at a fast speed, but there are many particles accumulated on the feeder, and 

the speed under the particles in the other feeding hopper is slow, and the speed of the particles on the feeder is slower. The accumulation of particles is small, resulting in imbalance 

when the particles are added to the die hole. The position of the feeding hopper can be adjusted so that the particles in the two feeding hoppers should maintain a certain number and 

falling speed. The particles accumulated on the two feeders are similar and make The particles can be evenly added into the die hole.

(3) The particles cause the change of tablet weight, the particles are too wet, the fine powder is too much, the difference between the thickness of the particles is too large, and the 

lubricant in the particles is insufficient, which can also cause the change of the tablet weight, and the quality of the particles should be improved.

(4) The reason for the change in tablet weight is generally caused by the failure of the tablet press or negligence in work. Therefore, during the tablet pressing process, maintenance of 

the parts should be done, and the parts should be checked for damage. Weigh the slices every certain time (10-20 minutes), whether the slice weight meets the regulations