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Precautions For Use Of Automatic Capsule Machine

Dec 15, 2020

The automatic capsule filling machine is a kind of intermittently operated multi-station hole plug metering automatic capsule filling equipment, which can automatically complete the processes of capsule spreading, cap body separation, drug filling, waste rejection, cap body locking, and finished product introduction. Small size, beautiful appearance, high efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise, reliable electronic control system, convenient operation and maintenance, strong adaptability of capsules, high probability of loading, accurate loading and other advantages. It can be filled with 3 kinds of materials to meet the needs of slow-release, controlled-release and tablet medicines in the same capsule, and more satisfies the production and use of Chinese and Western medicine, health care products factories, and fully meets the GMP requirements of pharmaceutical factories.

    The automatic hard capsule filling machine adopts a new side-mounted operating platform, a ten-station fully enclosed intermittent turntable with a new structure, and the one-way movement of the upper and lower templates is safe and reliable. The closed structure ensures that the product is free from lubricating oil pollution and is safe to meet the requirements of GMP specifications. Stable, accurate, reliable and other characteristics, professional precision manufacturing capsule filling machine, implementation of 5S management, zero defect, high efficiency, simple operation, in line with pharmacopoeia and GMP standards, pharmaceutical factories, food factories, research institutes, medical institutions, colleges and universities The school has repeatedly compared and recognized that this specialty produces pharmaceutical equipment such as automatic capsule filling machines, aluminum-plastic packaging machines, mini-aluminum-plastic packaging machines, capsule filling machines, capsule polishing machines, etc., which are suitable for pharmaceutical factories, hospital preparation departments, and laboratory trials. It is dedicated to health care products factory and other units.



1. The electrical shell and body must be grounded to ensure safety. Cut off the power after the work is completed.

    2. The plexiglass parts (worktable, medicine board) should be protected from direct sunlight and close to high temperature, and heavy objects must not be placed. The medicine board must be placed vertically or flat to avoid deformation and damage.

3. This equipment is a vibrating machine, and the fastening of the screws in each part should be checked frequently. If there is any looseness, it should be tightened in time to prevent malfunction and damage.

    4. After working every day, clean up the residual medicine on the machine and the mold hole, keep the whole machine clean and hygienic, and avoid washing the main machine with water. If the mold on the machine needs to be cleaned, the fixing screws can be loosened and then removed, which is convenient for installation.